For nigh on 40 years, one of my crossdressing dreams has been to be hairless from the neck down. My beloved of 20 years plus complained a few years back about chest hair poking out the top of my t. shirts, so I fixed that and kept going until I hit my waist.!! Nothing more was said about that and thus for various reasons I waited until about four weeks ago, to remove the rest of my body hair.

Having achieved almost everything else I wanted to achieve in my “Caty life”, to be hairless needed to be celebrated via another long-held desire, the feel of silky lingerie, (specifically a lovely long nightie at bedtime), on my naked body…..I own femme silk pj’s and dressing gown already, but same in a nightgown shouts just that bit more “female”.

So, over the last few weeks of May, I spent a lot of time and $$ on the net trying to source a suitable garment. In the end, I could not decide between a gorgeous lacy black Essence from NZ example and a lovely blue one from Ginia Australia. They were expensive but well worth it.

I’ve worked VERY HARD for over 40 years to afford it all, I also donate to a clinic that looks after gender-diverse children as they grow up….

En Femme Style

It came to the date for my next charity volunteer overnight trip. The good news is that it was a “two night” so even better, in Mornington, a town about 50k’s SE of Melbourne, where by chance, the “Essence” retailer has her shop.

On the way, I dropped into our “local” CD Supplies shop, Ladybits in Cheltenham. The owner has a connection with a group that assists less fortunate gender diverse people. I dropped off a box containing some old breast forms, a couple of wigs I no longer wear and various lingerie pieces, etc.

Onwards to Mornington, I was able to check-in and get settled in my hotel room in time to get to Peachie Lingerie well before closing and after a few previous email exchanges and phone calls with the owner, meet her in person. Initially, I thought I’d just buy a few pairs of pantyhose, but OH JOY OH JOY!!! She had the matching blue Ginia silk cami and shorts in my sizes….

I “hot-footed” back to my hotel room, into the shower, and got appropriately ready. THE Moment came….. Silky cami and shorts on and then…… The nightie over my head. My whole being shivering with excitement as I pulled it down and adjusted it all….

I reveled in this delicious confection of my silk dressing gown while enjoying my home-cooked and reheated evening meal, washed down with Caty’s favorite (when dressed), wine. Ashbrook Chardonnay, Margaret River, Western Australia.

Time for bed; I gave the black Essence a try…. So “abed” I went. For the first few hours, all was fine. I loved the soft material on my body as I turned in bed. But alas, the night was very cold, and I kept waking up. So off with the nightie… boo hoo…and into my “practical” female warm pj’s for the rest of the night Hence, “Nighty Nite Nightie!”

Back to male mode the next morning and with charity business done and dusted by lunchtime, it was back to my room for more Caty time. This time around as well as the preparations listed above, I also did a “quick”? makeup job, in an effort to improve the “photo shoot” with my new purchases.

Due to the fact I had invested in a dress via same, I posted about Television Shopping Channels on Cross Dresser Heaven and it was now time for me to try to get some photos wearing it. It’s very plain without the scarf, which I bought to match another outfit.

(Sadly) another night in the comfy PJ’s, a relaxing morning slowly packing up, and lunch in my room. Soon it was “pumpkin time.”

The two nighties, cami and shorts now live in a black garment bag in my closet and though I can’t wear them unless my SO is away, I can take them out when she is not home during the day and just “dream.”

Happy dressing one and all




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Caty Ryan

"Mature aged" crossdresser living in Victoria, Australia Love all things feminine especially classy lingerie and formal gowns. Have a long standing passion for period wear and own twp lovely replica period gowns, a 1700's and one American Civil war replica. Love to chat via e.mail with anyone with similar interests
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Amy Myers
Noble Member
3 years ago

That is a beautiful nightgown, Caty. It all sounds very lovely too, though that is something I have yet to get for myself, any nightgowns at all. Though I do have a pair of leopard print pjs. Reading about your experience, makes me think I should start looking around for one of my own!
It is nice to heard of your connection with a charity which helps less fortunate trans people.
Thank you for sharing.

Trusted Member
3 years ago

Thank you Caty for sharing your experience with your silk lingerie, Albeit short lived due to a chilly night…. With all respect, you have a
“gift to gab” whereby I love to read your informative, detailed, and humorous articles.
I too cherish the moments when I can sleep in my silky nightgown… now that we are heading to summer, I am hoping it will be often…
be well and stay safe
warmest regards. Leonara

Trusted Member
2 years ago
Reply to  Caty Ryan

I hope all is mum has influenced my life as well..
be well and stay safe

Gianna Bonita
Gianna Bonita
3 years ago

Now that we are in winter mode in the Southern Hemisphere strapless sleepwear is, as Caty says, “boo hoo” all but gone. Thanks Caty for an interesting and fun description of your latest adventure. I am a practical lass in winter and for bedtime I wear cotton long sleeve tshirt dresses from the Warehouse (a chain of big box discount stores in New Zealand). Very comfortable, warm and when on sale, only $10 or thereabouts. On the other hand I do spend far too much money on day and evening wear! Evenings at home are with a nice warm women’s… Read more »

Rachael Winters
Rachael Winters
3 years ago

Satin female night wear is such a feminine item. You look very nice in your gown, Miss Caty.

Last edited 3 years ago by Rachael Winters
Alicen Thairms
Active Member
3 years ago

That is a lovely nightgown; shame you didn’t get to enjoy sleeping in it..

I have a lovely silky pink knee length nightdress with matching panties. I have had the delight of sleeping in it once when my SO stayed with a friend. It stays packed away; sometimes when I get the chance to dress I get it out and put it on and snuggle in bed for a bit then get up and get dressed in a nice outfit for the rest of my girl time 🙂

Petra Y
3 years ago

You look lovely in silk. I to shave down to my pubic area and often wear nighties or pyjamas to bed if i feel like which is not often as i dont wear PJs and prefer the naked thing. My wife does not disapprove and she is not surprised if she finds me in a nightie in bed. When this does happen i to feel sexy. Tell your spouse.

Alice Underwire
3 years ago

Congratulations on another bucket list completed! What a pretty nightgown!

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