Sometime back, I wrote about a beautiful person who was struggling with many things. This individual has made leaps and bounds since that time. Most of you remember the articles I wrote regarding a new friend to us all. She has overcome so many fears and obstacles in such a short time; it’s incredible.

As it is said and heard many times throughout all of our lives “the proof is in the pudding.” Proving to our self and to others that when we allow our true passions to surface and face our fears smack in the face, we can hurdle the highest mountains and achieve our ultimate dreams, helping them to become our reality.

Nikki has made the ultimate sacrifices in this past two years. Some of which she is continuing to face and deal with. There is the struggle she endures with her soon to be ex-wife and children. She exerts much emotion when she speaks about her children. Their mother didn’t take the news well when she first learned that Nikki crossdressed and was gay. Nikki has suffered with pain, guilt, fear, resentment, anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, rejection, abandonment, thoughts of suicide and a host of so many more feelings.

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Nikki no longer goes home to a house filled with joy, laughter, or the sounds of children playing, nor does she have a wife asking how her day was, or what’s for dinner, or to discuss the evening plan. This girl loves her family and has refused to walk away entirely. As it stands now, the only requirement to visit with her two children is that she not come home in CD or Drag form. I think at one time or another we think we know enough about something to survive. I recently turned 60, and as I write this article it’s easy to reflect back to a time when I was scared as hell to come out as gay and that I preferred to wear girl’s clothes, makeup, heels, and all the other things we wear and do to represent as who we are.

Nikki asked for my help and support a couple of years ago. I have been by her side since day one, when I went with her to explain everything to her now ex-wife. And with all she’s been through, I have witnessed a beautiful flower blossom and grow to incredible heights. She now dresses 24/7, is going to beauty school, contributes all she can to the gay community, and is living with an awesome guy (who has asked her to marry him.)

I realize that not everyone who reads this will agree with the gay lifestyle, the drag queen lifestyle, or maybe even more of what Nikki’s new life is all about. I do wish for anyone who is still struggling with this exact same issue(s) peace, courage, and a sense of camaraderie. We all need to stick together, to help and support anyone in the same or similar situation, and to be the best sisters that we are capable of being.

Little Miss Nikki has done what so many are afraid to do, live a 24/7 life being a crossdresser and now drag queen. We do a lot together such as shopping, re-painting the inside of my house, going for drinks, and so much more. I am extremely honored to call her my sister in arms.

It’s possible for anyone to achieve the same goals as Nikki and those that so many others have achieved. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope that there is at least one sentence, paragraph or thought that help you if you are struggling.

Peace and Love,


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Jewelry Artisan, cocktail waitress, part time escort. at Emerald Club, Shuckeys Club
I think I'm doing the right thing here people. Like probably every male to ever get into they're mothers, sisters, aunts clothing I too was just knee high to a pair of my mothers stockings (sounded better than knee high to a grasshopper) and continue to wear what suits me. I didn't choose this lifestyle, it chose me. I also do drag, one could say I'm a silent type of queen for I only participate in amateur lip sync from time to time when I'm at a club or bar. I don't own any male clothing that I'm aware of. I am a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ communities, PRIDE and advocate for gay rights. I'm still confused why there has to be such a thing as gay rights in our world today but it is what it is and I will continue the fight. Allot of people here at CDH know I am a very easy going kind of girl but when the line is crossed I say what it is and no more nice. I do my best to complete my tasks as an ambassador here. If you happen to be reading my profile it say's one or a few things, 1. curiosity, 2. nosy, 3. preparing to interview me for a job or 4. because we share more commonalities than most people in this world. My first mentor (Drag Mother) in the drag life and who also became my best friend always said; "anyone can put a dress on, it's how one wears the dress that counts and matters." K well this bio didn't come out short like it asks but considering who I am and the lifestyle I've led and still follow it's actually damn short. C ya here, Jackie.

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1 year ago

Wonderful Article As a cis-female I want to express that NOT all cis women are like that. I accept others for who they are regardless of gender or sexuality or lifestyle. My heart breaks when I see others in pain or alone and It is fantastic that she has your support and sisterly love. I am so happy to read that she has blossomed and found love and is living her life being true to herself. I believe all women should support each other. I try to be supportive anywhere I can. I can never truly understand CD/TG, but I… Read more »

Tiffany Alexis
Active Member
1 year ago
Reply to  KindredRuby

Couldn’t possibly agree more. We are ALL in this TOGETHER United in sisterhood. Rock on Ruby and Nikki

Active Member
1 year ago

Ellie Mae,
I am so sorry for what you are going through.. I admire your conviction for your being you and being the woman deep inside.
I too have to make that decision to coming out to the woman inside..
You may message me anytime,

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