No need to be nervous

Crossdressing in a bar

As some of you may know I’m pretty new to all this and the openness of it all. I thank you for making me feel comfortable and welcome here on this wonderful site.

I run a bar in Yorkshire, England, I have been a closet dresser for many years but in the last few months have become much more open , I’ve been out in public a few times and now present my quiz night totally en femme. Must admit to mostly good comments only the odd negative remark.

I love Sally, I’m proud of Sally, I really feel happy when she’s out to play, and want the whole world to meet her. With this in mind, I took a huge step last week and decided I would work on the bar as Sally on a night when we have live music.

Unleash Your Inner Woman

I felt happy in myself and loved the experience, maybe it didn’t suit all of the customers, some didn’t even recognise me and thought Sally was a new staff member. The one thing I was nervous about was the fact that we have a resonably regular transgender girl come to the pub and I was worried that if she came in while I was Sally she would feel as uncomfortable as I would and think I was poking fun.

Well to my shock Christine walked in and didn’t realise who I was. Once she was told , she was so amazing and supportive , we swapped numbers and she has offered me advice and if I need a shoulder to cry on she’s there. We’re going to arrange a night out together etc.

My nerves were totally unfounded and I’m happy to feel part of this special group no family. Let’s support each other and then we can all be happy and accepted to the world.

I suppose an old saying comes to mind

I’m not weird or strange, I’m a limited edition.

Love to you all

Sallysim xxx

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  1. Drew 3 years ago

    Hi Sally Im Playing catch up and have posted a reply in Feb s newsletter
    Hopefully you are feeling better about who you are and want to be
    Don’t surpress the feelings you have when you feel good wearing what you want to when you want to its OK it really is its not wrong being you as Sally is a part of you
    How much so only you can tell if its just to help you feel good do it anyway but don’t regret having done it ever
    It is a part of what makes you and all our friends special where ever we are in the world we all have doubts at times but we get over or round them
    I know how harmful they can be I am expected to be Male for my job but prefer to show myself in normal every day ladies wear presenting as female in my time as much as possible when at home and on days off or out and about its ear rings in rings on fingers some makeup on nails painted I have thoughts about having my nails done but hat will have to wait for a while
    Looking forward to possibly meeting at your bar in normal comfy clothes yes i will come dressed and be proud to do so if being served by Sally

  2. KerryMichelle 3 years ago

    That was a great story about working at the pub dressed and making a new transgender girlfriend. I’m hoping to go out to dinner dressed next week and am looking forward to see events unfold. Still fairly new to being out enfemme but so far I am liking it. I have not had a problem with anyone while dressed and I am hoping that will continue. Good luck with your feminine adventures.

  3. Jason Gallinoto(Heather Marie) 3 years ago

    That was an absolutely wonderful story! I wish I was able to do this already. I have not been able to let Heather Marie come out and play in a long time and I miss it…..I miss her too! Everything just always seemed so much fun and better when she would come around. I do remember one time Heather went out that 2 guys and 1 woman hit on her. The woman too said Heather had a “nice little figure” and complimented her on her shoes,so I guess Heather passed the test that night! That was a great feeling! I’m hoping here in the next few years to make a few girlfriends that I can eventually go places with and dust off my dress and heels!

  4. Charlotte 3 years ago

    This is great to hear and I’m glad that society is finally moving in the right direction. I wish I could take Charlotte out and interact with the world, hopefully one day Thanks for sharing this.

  5. jessica humphrey 3 years ago

    good for you keep it up as I said before I have done this since a very young age and I am proud when others finally come out.

  6. Scarlett Slater 3 years ago

    Sally, being a Northern lass myself I am full of admiration of your achievement and proving that life isn’t grimm up North! Lol.

    Hugs and respect to you.
    Scarlett x

  7. Monique Sasha 3 years ago

    wow i admire you and your commitment and bravery

  8. Caren 3 years ago

    Sally,I am thrilled for you,facing your nervousness and making a friend,sounds like a good night to me!

  9. Becca 3 years ago

    Well done babe would love to pluck up the courage to do that, i think it’s coming soon tho x

    • Rebecca 3 years ago

      You need to try it you will be flying high on cloud 9. And when you have a gentleman hold a door open for you, you really feel good. I have been going out a lot in the past 2 years. I also got involved with a group of girls called Arizona Tgirls.

  10. Lucinda Hawkns 3 years ago

    so happy to hear other girls like us get out of the closet and find happiness.i have done the same with joining a cross dressing group. got all dolled up drove en fem to meeting, got out walk to building en fem. seen other girls like me, was welcomed in open arms, sat at table. took turns saying who we are{fem name} how we started. sounds like all the same reasons. had a blast being Lucinda and being welcomed. cant wait to next meeting

  11. Rosaliy Lynne 3 years ago

    wtg Sally – great story and a great outcome – you got a new friend !!!

  12. Linda Alvarez 3 years ago

    What a beutiful, and wonderful story. Thank you! ♡♡♡

  13. Mickaela 3 years ago

    That was wonderful! The fact that your regular customers didn’t recognize you should made you feel great. I showed a female friend of me and my daughter and she never recognized me. She thought it was my sister. Lol but it made me feel great that I dressed up pretty enought that they thought I look like a real woman. =) Your also lucky you came out with a new friend to spend time with!! Good luck!

  14. *skippy1965(Cynthia) 3 years ago

    Sally I LOVE it!. I wihs i could come to your bar. IF ur ever in Richmond, VA look me up!!

  15. Karyn Lobelia 3 years ago

    Wonderful story , and I am glad you had such a good friend you found in Christine. It is wonderful to relax and just be yourself and not be conscious of the fact that you are just being yourself . It will now be a lot easier for you to be femme and realize that very few people notice anything and really do not care one way or the other . Love , be polite , be nice , never be rude or respond back to negativity , and rise above any future situations that come from rudeness by never feeding it back . Karma comes back , you get what you give . Read about The Laws of Attraction or watch the You tube video called The Secret !

  16. JaneS 3 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your story Sally. Times are moving forward, mostly, and your experiences offer encouragement and support to those just getting to the point of going out in public.

    If you’re happy to have a ‘gaggle of girls’ (or is the collective for TG girls a ‘giggle’?) dropping in to visit your establishment I’m sure you’ll meet many more who accept and understand where you are coming from.

    Best wishes.

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