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You know how sometimes a week goes by without you even realizing it? And then somehow that week turns into two, and … well… you get the picture. Before you know it there’s dust everywhere and little green things growing all over the place. Ahh, moss – the beloved Seattle flower. But I digress.

It has been a sparse few weeks for Crossdresser Heaven. Mostly because yours truly has been busy with work, life and refinancing her mortgage. I swear there must be a hundred different forms they want you to fill out. It’s almost as if they expect to be paid back someday. Those banks, such good sports 🙂

Vicki prepared a wonderful article for Sunday which I didn’t post – sorry Vicki! Fingers crossed I’ll get to it this Sunday. Vicki has some previous articles for the Crossdressing Christian you can peruse. I’ve also got quite a backlog of email, and sometimes have difficulty reply to all of you. I deeply appreciate the comments, feedback and questions I get through email. If I’m not able to get back to you personally I will to incorporate my thoughts on the topic in a future article.

I guess all that goes to show that life happens while we’re not crossdressing. It may not always be as flamboyant and sensuous, but not every guy can be a girl all the time (or keep up with her website about being a girl).

See you more frequently next week. Love to you all!

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