I love to go out when dressed.  Maybe you have done it yourself?   Maybe you would never dare but you wonder what it would feel like?  I can tell you that it is a delicious feeling to walk down the street and to blend in, to look just like all the other women who are shopping or on a break from work.

The first time I did it was in Manchester.  I spent time looking at myself in the mirror and wondering, “Can I do it, will I pass?” and then decided to go for it.  I did not have many clothes so my outfit was not wonderful and I had to borrow a coat (no, I did not ask).  The only shoes I had were too high for easy walking and now I would choose flats for a shopping expedition.

That first trip went well and gave me more confidence so I have repeated the experience many times over the years.   I have been out in various towns and cities in the UK.   Once I had a short holiday in France and was dressed for the whole time except for the journeys there and back.

Sometimes I have had my make-up done professionally but I am quite good at doing it myself.  I aim to blend in so I do not wear a short skirt or show too much skin.   I certainly want to look and feel feminine so for me jeans are no good and I have to wear a skirt or a dress.  I have to think about what accessories to choose and I often like to wear a delicate, pretty scarf.

Do I ever have any trouble?  If I am honest I must say that a few times I have had rude comments.  Once in London a man shouted out, “You’re a man!” and that was unpleasant.  I ignored him and kept on walking.  Everyone around me ignored him too.  That insult dented my confidence for a little while.  On a couple of other occasions men have said things just loudly enough that they must have intended me to hear but I have ignored them, kept on going and held my head up high.  Being confident, believing in yourself and smiling are some of my top hints for crossdressers who want to go out in public.

What do I do when I go out?  Usually I go round the shops.  In the UK we have charity shops, where donated goods are sold to make money for a charity.  I love charity shops because you never know what you will find and the prices can be much less than in other shops.  On the other hand it can be frustrating to find a gorgeous dress that is too small.  I do not usually try the clothes on so I carry a tape measure and that is very useful for checking sizes.

I feel confident walking down the street or looking in the shops but I do get a bit nervous when I go up to pay for something.  I do not talk much although I am trying to develop my feminine voice.  Maybe they think that I do not speak English or that I am too hoarse to do anything more than a whisper!

Apart from shopping I have been to a couple of stage musicals and I have been out for a couple of meals and a few snacks or coffees.

When I was in France I was with a crossdresser who had a lot of confidence and she thought that it was my turn to order the next drinks.  That was daunting but I did it.  Also on that holiday I held a door open for a man who gave me a “Merci madame” and that was worth a lot!

I would never push anyone to go out dressed but I have encouraged a few crossdressers who have a convincing look.  There is a risk but I have never experienced any worse than rude words.  I love to go out into the world.  It opens doors to all sorts of experiences and it feels just wonderful.




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4 years ago

yes the first time was very scary but the sense of achievement was amazing, I had finally been true to the real me , I have only had a couple of unpleasant incidents I just didn’t rise to it , 99% just don’t care , as has been stated if you act with confidence you will be accepted , I have even purchased underware the young lady was only to help

Louise Rowan
4 years ago
Reply to  emma

Thanks Emma and thanks to all the others who have commented on my article too. Good to hear about a few of you who have discovered the joys of going out dressed.

4 years ago

wonderful grate read but do not have the confidence to go out all so crap at make up but would love to lern

Dawn Barker
3 years ago

Going out dressed is a real treat. My wife and I are planning for next weekend. Very nervous

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