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Dear readers, I think we all have something we can learn from Anne’s crossdressing success story this week. I’m particularly impressed by the patience, love and consideration with which Anne shares her crossdressing with her wife. Credit is also due to her lovely wife – she gave Anne the opportunity to share, was open enough to learn more about crossdressing, and accepts Anne for who she is. Truly this story is like oil on the troubled waters of our souls.

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Meet Anne

I am early 60’s with a wife of 40 years, 3 children and 4 grandchildren. I was raised in a Christian family, spent most of my career in the aviation field, and actually pastored a small church for a few years. I retired 5 years ago and we live in BC, Canada. My interests include golf, boating, biking, gardening and learning more (from your pages as well as books etc) about this crossdressing thing.

Unleash Your Inner Woman

Anne’s Crossdressing Success Story

The latest chapter of my life began just over a year ago (Dec 08) when I emerged from the closet (literally, as we have a walk in closet) with a bra on and asked my wife what she thought! We had just finished an evening of sex, and I had probably put on her nightie at some point in the proceedings, as I had done here and there during lovemaking over the 39 years of our marriage. She had always taken it to be just an extra turn on for me and had never really objected to these momentary aberrations on my part.

Little did she know that I had been crossdressing in secret over the previous 6 years or so, and that now I was making a statement about who I really was. She was totally shocked as I began to open up about my desires to wear women’s clothing, as she had barely heard of such a thing before, our family being good Christians where such behaviour would have been viewed as sinful.

But to her credit she listened as I poured out my heart, then she began to ask questions, then listened some more. We talked until dawn, then steadily for the next few days. I brought out my stash of clothes and she watched in amazement as I modelled for her right there in the kitchen. By then we were able to have a laugh or two over the whole business, and both of us began some research into the “condition”. We scoured the internet and bought Peggy Rudd’s book which shed much light on the subject, then to my wife’s great credit she consented to letting me dress while in the house, and to keeping a drawer and some hangers for my “stuff”.

It felt like I had died and gone to heaven and still does as I write this while seated at the kitchen counter dressed in a pale blue skirt over patterned stockings, and white knit top over pink camisole and rather nice, lacy white bra. No makeup or wig at present, and generally I wait until my wife is out of the house before doing all that, as I try to be respectful of her at all times. Sometimes we just know when enough is enough!

I do get out of the house a bit while dressed , but covered. This afternoon it was raining pleasantly, so I put my rainpants and jacket over skirt and top and went for a long walk. What peace was mine as I stopped in the woods to observe the birds, while being very aware of what I was wearing and the effect it had on me.

Who knows where I go from here, but I feel that the freedom my wife has given me to excercise some of my innerself has been a huge blessing. My secret has gone no further than her , and yet we both believe that I am a more open, compassionate person with all the members of our family. Over the years I have been a moody person and even diagnosed with depression, which I felt as a Christian I should have been able to overcome. Since I have been free to dress, whether I actually do or not, I have been of a more even and contented temperament. It seems amazing what a bra and slip can accomplish, and I believe that God might just have been waiting for me to discover that!

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  1. MELONY 10 years ago

    hi anne, very good story and you gave me an idea for coming out,,, maybe this weekend,, thank you, melony…

  2. Ronnie 10 years ago

    Anne, I’m truly happy for you. It’s great to see that even in your mature age you have found some peace. Of course having a such a blessing like your wife makes it that much more sweet.

    I also have been very moody and at times depressed in my life. I have to say that ever since I live in more feminin way, I’m much more at peace and happy.

    I have a lovely supportive wife also. I came out to her before we were married and she has been notthing short of a true blessing in my life.
    I’m now 44 and when not in my office,I live as the true woman I know I have always been since I was small child.

    I wish happiness and health in your journey.
    God bless, Ronnie

    Continue this new journey,be happy and healthy. God bless, Ronnie

  3. MARI 10 years ago


    • Ragina 10 years ago

      Hello Anne. What a wonderful story you have. Itoo am blessed to have a supportive wife who enjoys my crossdressing asmuch as I do. Be patient as far as the wig and make-up. It took a while, but my wife actually ordered make-up for me and helped me learn to do it properly. Now even when I need to be in male mode, I wear a bit of make-up and I love it.
      Stay beautifuland enjoy living as who you are.

  4. Elizabeth 10 years ago

    I told my wife while making love, one night. I have had a few drinks which finally gave me the courage to share my secret with her, after 25 years of knowing each other. As I was telling her, she kept replying “oh? Yeah? That much? Aha? OK”. I’m still keeping the other side of me secret as I don’t want her to see me dressed up and everything — I may get over that inhibition at some point. For now, I’m just contempt to escape in my secret women indentity whenever I can. Thank’s for this web site. Yes, the internet is a very wonderful and liberating thing.

  5. Kathy Ann 10 years ago

    Dear Ann,
    We could be sisters. I came out to my wife of 42 years about 2 years ago.
    This part of my life has been the happiest of all.
    My dear wife does not understand why I am a CD and doesn’t support me, but she allowed me to have a closet for my things. She doesn’t want to talk about my dressing and just tells me it’s my business not hers. Sort of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” arrangement.
    She tells me that she loves me no matter what happens in our life together.
    God has been good to me.
    Love, Kathy Ann

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