55 and out

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by jaymie

After 30 years in closet i went out


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Jaymie jones

heterosexual crossdressing male. very private and been in the closet for 30 years. Looking the finally step out and meet discreet crossdressing friends. I am a successful executive and need to be very private. I enjoy dressing and 95% passable from close up and 100% passable from a distance. When I am able to dress up I always try to look 100% passable and beautiful. I enjoy looking attractive and feel great when dressed up

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    1. Hi! I’m 55 as well. So you, my dear, are an inspiration. You look beautiful and happy and confident. As a woman!

      Congratulations on this milestone. May many more follow!


    2. Patty Phose 7 months ago

      Congratulations on your successful first outing

    3. lynn pond 7 months ago

      You are so pretty you are a natural

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