a night out


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  1. Dame Veronica Graunwolf 11 months ago

    WOW Amanda………………..looking mighty fine girl!!!!!

  2. Sandi Santora 11 months ago

    The majority of us gurls are closeted. It’s kinda sad really. Although I’ve only been dressing for three months, and loving it, I’m going to go out in public soon. Sooner than latter!

  3. Rochelle Mooney 11 months ago

    Beautiful as always.

  4. Jennifer Ladd 11 months ago

    Amanda, you make every dress you wear look fantastic!

  5. Jennifer Wanta 11 months ago

    Love your heels too

  6. Gina Angelo 11 months ago

    you are to die for honey, simply stunning

  7. Chrissie Cross 11 months ago

    Great peep toes!

  8. Beautiful! Love the dress and the heels.

  9. Karla Skater 11 months ago

    You look very sexy
    Nice dress

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