A Very Girly dress

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by erica01

I got this dress at a consignment shop, could resist it, it's so girly...


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Erica Cartman

Hi, I am a transitioning transgendered "woman" who is looking to improve herself. l have grown so much since joining this and it's sister site and I am living almost 24/7 as a woman....I'm always looking to meet and talk to new friends who share similar interests in growth, especially persons who live local or with a reasonable travel distance for possible meet and greets. .I am caring person, and I'd be glad to share my experiences and help anyone who has questions or fears, maybe confused about their being a CD/Trans-person or transitioning...So if you would like to talk, meet or share, please drop me a line...Thank You!

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  1. Isaiana Cota 5 months ago

    Erica every time you are doing best. Congratulations you look nice.saludos Isaiana!!

  2. Stephanie Green 5 months ago

    Beautiful, Erica. Very feminine.

  3. Stephanie Bass 5 months ago

    Erica looks special made for you, It’s gorgeous

  4. Jamie Vegas 5 months ago

    Gorgeous dress, gorgeous woman. You look great!

  5. JOJO 5 months ago

    That is amazing find that you purchased from a consignment shop. It is a very lovely dress.

    • Author
      Erica Cartman 5 months ago

      JoJo I check that store once a week, they always get new stuff in and they are great buys…Hugs Erica

  6. Kathy 5 months ago

    Feel proud, you look great girl!

  7. Jillian Simpson 5 months ago

    Totally adorbs. Uber yummy dress and shoes.

  8. Michelle Liefde 5 months ago

    You look beautiful! Love this dress on you!

  9. Joan Sher 5 months ago

    wow the dress the shoes the pose lovely honey..

    • Author
      Erica Cartman 5 months ago

      Joan! good to see you here…thank you so much…love to see you in that dress, you’d fill it out better than I for sure….Hugs Erica

      • Joan Sher 5 months ago

        I don’t know about that honey u fill it nicely but id sure love to try it on its gorgeous..hugs Joan

  10. Jack Straw 5 months ago

    Oh my yes simply adorable

  11. Patty Phose 5 months ago

    And you look awesome in it.

  12. Renea 5 months ago

    Erica, absolutely fab dress and you got your groove really happening here !! xx

    • Author
      Erica Cartman 5 months ago

      Hi Renea, how are things down under… You are absolutely gorgeous and have always admired your style… I look at you pix and try to ideas how to improve myself since I feel I’m still a work in progress and you have everything together. Thanks you for your comments they mean a lot coming from you….XO Erica

  13. Leonara 5 months ago

    Yes a very girly dress and also the lovely lady wearing it… Thanks for sharing

  14. Lexi Dupree 5 months ago

    very very pretty, your whole look is put together so nicely Erica !

    • Author
      Erica Cartman 5 months ago

      Thanks so much for the wonderful comments…I never knew this little dress would spark so much interest…Hugs Erica

  15. Sapphire Ribbons 5 months ago

    Looking hot as usual! I love how you fill the dress and show those feminine curves

  16. Martina Klarc 5 months ago

    You always look so nice, the dress is not sparking the interest, it’s how you make the dress look, Beautiful !

  17. Jack Straw 4 months ago

    U sexy thing you

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