Alrighty Girls, This Is My First Pencil Skirt Of The Year!

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by scarlett398

Yes girls, it's my first pencil skirt of the year and I paired it with a long sleeved black top, some sexy Hanes thigh high jet black hose and ankle strapped heels. The jewelry is all black and silver which is fashion jewelry which I usually purchase at Penney's!


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    1. Michelle Lenz 3 weeks ago

      Great overall look. You nail it every time.

    2. Denise sullivan 3 weeks ago

      It all goes so well together Scarlett. cute outfit hon and I too just adore walking about in a pencil skirt when out and about

      • Author
        Scarlett398 1 week ago

        Hi Denise! You’re right…Pencil skirts just have a real sexy and sensual feel when you’re walking in them! I’m gonna find three or four more this month! XOXOXO Scarlett

    3. Danielle Wayne 3 weeks ago

      Love it.

    4. Leslie 3 weeks ago

      You look fantastic. What a great wardrobe you have.

      • Author
        Scarlett398 1 week ago

        Thanks Leslie. For the first time in my life, I have almost an unlimited supply of money to spend on Scarlett! XOXOXO Scarlett

    5. Tracii Greene 3 weeks ago

      Super nice outfit.

      • Author
        Scarlett398 1 week ago

        Hi Tracii! Haven’t heard from you much lately and haven’t seen you on chat either! Are you busy or shy? XOXOXO Scarlett

    6. lyla james 4 weeks ago

      Love it!

    7. Mitzi May 4 weeks ago

      That is dead sexy, girlfriend.

    8. Michelle Liefde 4 weeks ago

      I love that skirt! And the whole look as well! Always inspiring!

      • Author
        Scarlett398 1 week ago

        Based on your comments, along with the rest of the girls’ comments, I’ve gotta buy more of these pencil skirts! They sure feel sexy to walk in! Very feminine! XOXOXO Scarlett

    9. Jennifer Acevedo 4 weeks ago


      • Author
        Scarlett398 1 week ago

        Wow, Jennifer, based on these comments, it’s sounds like I need to purchase a few more pencil skirts. I only own two of them!
        XOXOXO Scarlett

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