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The clothes I wear do not define who I am. I am the same person regardless if I present as a man in jeans and a plaid shirt or as a woman in a gorgeous gown. That may have been the most important moment in my self awareness. I don’t have a girl side or a guy side competing in one body. When I get to present as a woman I’m being myself as much as I am myself in my every day life. Being able to realize that I don't have to separate my personality in a "Feminine side" and a "masculine side", but that every aspect in me should be integrated into a well balanced persona was very liberating. Currently I have very limited chances to dress, but I can live with that. Part of the reason why I don’t obsess about it may be because it is easier to live with the memories of all of the things I have been able to do an not having to wonder “how would it be...” Ok I'm just adding this. Anybody who knows me knows that this is something that bothers me... Why? Oh Why?! If this site is supposed to be a safe heaven for all of us, where we can be ourselves and be accepted, why are there so many people posting photographs which are clearly not of themselves, or are highly doctored (photoshopped), or adding stories in the forums which are likely not true. Why? It beats me. I just can't understand. Now adding more... personally, dislike two things rather common in cd realted places. The utilization of “gurls” or saying “ladies” or “girls” in quotation marks. The other one and this in general not only here... People talking about themselves in third person. Argh!!

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Patty Phose
Trusted Member

Very pretty and sexy.

Arial Mason

Hi my dear Girlfriend; I love the photo… You look GREAT!!!!!!!!! I received the dresses…. Thank you… I put them on for you and took the photos here…. Which one looks the best?

Susan Sue

Beautiful photo. You look hot

Michelle Lenz
Active Member

Whether evening gown or a short dress; you look amazing. Nice legs; infectious smile & those curves; Fabulous!

Jack Straw
Active Member

Oh my yes

Charmagne Stewart

You are a natural, Gabriela. Stunning! <3

Rachel Kalen

Gabriela, love the post.
I envy you for being your self when you say “I don’t have a girl side or a guy side”.
I still can’t seem to get past that.
I’m working on it but it’s been difficult.

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