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by thirdblackbird

Another one from the bar. On the couch this time, which is front row for the drag show. That was . . . different.


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Forgive me. I'm still very new to this journey, you could say. It's something that's been on my mind in one way or another since, maybe, 25-ish years ago, but I didn't really take the plunge until last October (2018). I'm very much closeted; nobody knows about my private endeavors, we'll say - not even people I think might be okay with it. But, I think that's best, for now, as I'm still very much learning the craft, and I want to fully understand it myself before I even think about allowing anyone else on the journey with me. As I said, closeted, so not a lot of vitals about me. I'm a resident of the Las Vegas, Nevada area employed in the gaming industry, as are most people around here. My mom lives with me ... or something. We both own the house, legally. She's somewhat sickly, so I'm taking care of her as much as is necessary as well as I can. (I get called a deadbeat and everything else because I'm closing in on my 40s, and my mom and I live together. If that's your opinion, fine. Whatever. I can leave her alone most likely to die, if that makes me more of a man to you.) We also have what can only be described as a herd of cats. I tolerate them, most of the time. Never been married, don't really expect to be, although I would like to be. Despite my predilection towards a fem appearance, I actually am completely heterosexual; I am only interested in women. Now, if I can ever find a girlfriend who is cool with me sometimes being her girlfriend, that would be really cool. Not too optimistic about that, obviously. My goal is to learn what I can about this part of me. I don't have any plans of transitioning. I'm perfectly fine with my anatomy. But, I would like to get to know Valerie a little better and figure out how much of my life should be her's. I am not remotely passable as a woman, I don't think, but that's the goal. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right. Or at least as close as I can. Hopefully, I make a few friends along the way, too. πŸ™‚

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