Are You Ready For Some Football?

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by scarlett398

Hi Girls! Hope you're ready for some football. I just love football and the crisp cool fall air. Here is a teaser photo of many to be posted tonight of Scarlett in one of her typical fall outfits. This pic was taken from our former home last year and is a typical fall outfit of mine. A skater skirt, opaque tights by Hanes, a snug fitting thin wool top, suede ankle booties, a wide elastic accent belt, a leopard print cardigan sweeter, and maybe a hair bow for fun. Hope you lovely ladies enjoy this picture and look for more tonight or this afternoon! XOXO Scarlett


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    1. Maryann Johnson 2 months ago

      Do you want to play tackle or touch,just sayin

    2. Leonara 2 months ago

      Beautiful lady with a smile to match thanks for sharing sweetie

      • Author
        Scarlett398 2 months ago

        You’re more than welcome, Leonara! Every single time I get my total girl on as Scarlett I shoot to capture cute, classy, and sexy. It’s not easy to do but it’s fun, exciting, and challenging. It’s taken years of study, trial and error, and listening to girls like you on a site like this to get better and better at trying to perfect my cross dressing skills. I always try to keep learning and improving each year.

        Thanks for the sweet note girl friend and have a wonderful weekend! XOXO Scarlett

    3. Michelle Lenz 2 months ago

      Touchdown!!! You win on all counts. Hair, makeup, outfit; All well done.

      • Author
        Scarlett398 2 months ago

        Very sweet note Michelle! I really liked this entire outfit and it’s just as comfortable as it is cute and sexy. I can run a 100 yard dash in those ankle booties!

        Thanks again and have a super weekend! XOXO Scarlett

    4. Tracii Greene 3 months ago

      You know you don’t know how to throw a football LOL

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