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by stephaniegold

I'm at a neighborhood cafe in Boston (though not my neighborhood!) looking pensive, but really having a great time.


En Femme Style

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Stephanie De Montmagny

I am a late-blooming transgender woman, a 69 years old scientist who retired two years ago, but who is keeping busy with new research projects. In terms of origins, I was born and raised in France, and came to the United States in my late teens when my parents moved here. I am married with two grown children, and although consciousness of my transgender state has pervaded my life since childhood, over the last couple of years it has become more acute, leading me to be more involved socially and publicly as a crossdresser. This has led to considerable stress for my spouse, but I believe that we are coping and on the right track for regaining stability. I live in the Boston area. About the backdrop picture in my home page: The pictures in the collage are all by Gerda Wegener, the wife of the painter Einar Wegener, a transgender woman who transitioned in the late 1920s to become Lili Elbe (aka “the Danish Girl”, in the movie of the same name which came out a few years ago).

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    Kim Dahlenbergen' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    Kim Dahlenbergen
    2 years ago

    I enjoyed reading your bio. Like you, the transgender identity has been within me since my earliest childhood memories. My sense of self preservation led me to repress and deny as best I could the inner girl through most of my childhood and teens. During puberty it re-emerged as a very guilty, deeply secret pleasure, that I hoped I might grow out of. Of course, I did not. It persisted through the decades, allowed some minor, still hidden expression shared only my wife, and then a second wife. During my 50s (more than a dozen years ago) I too expereinced… Read more »

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