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Samantha G.....

Hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She has been crossdressing since age 12 with off and on activity till she was age 27 when she first fully dressed. After that she knew it was going to be a lifelong obsession. Tries to dress several times a month but sometimes life gets in the way. No worries though, her sense of humor gets her through just about anything. Has the box set of all the Monty Python episodes too.

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    1. Maryann Johnson 3 weeks ago

      Just breathtaking

    2. mistty mylo 4 months ago

      The face is nicly done. The dress seams to fit you perfectly. And thoes legs look oustanding.

    3. beautiful

    4. Conchita66666 Wurst 5 months ago


    5. Stephanie Ceedee 6 months ago

      Love this dress…

    6. Brianna Love 8 months ago
    7. Melinda 9 months ago

      Samantha i love you outfit very beatyful wow love it

    8. Andrea Rene Daniels 10 months ago

      Samantha you look awesome. I love the dress and heels. Everything matching. So femme

    9. Jamie Vegas 11 months ago

      I think you ROCK any outfit you choose to wear!

    10. Jamie Vegas 11 months ago

      Love those long legs, you look great!

    11. Seleena Kay 11 months ago

      Now I wish I was an Aztec! *giggle* Love the look Samantha. You’re gorgeous!

    12. Patti Parker 11 months ago

      Just fantastic

    13. Patti Parker 11 months ago

      The dress/shoes /legs cursedfantastic

    14. Patti Parker 11 months ago

      So sweet

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