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I am married 35 years ,all thi time I have kept my crossdressing a secret to my wife ,and I have been dressing as a woman since I was about 8 yes old but not all the time more as teenager but now more often and enjoy it more now and at age 66 have gone out plenty of times as a woman and enjoyed myself either shopping at a mall or going to a bar,now thinking about going further with HRT and or surgery?

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    T.J. Byron
    2 years ago

    Sweetheart… I love your circle picture…I am curvy 75 y.o., much older than you. I feel sorry that you can’t entertain the sexual orientation you would like to be . Seems so unfair. Would love to see more pics of you…pretty please!! Wish I could help. Mostly what I do is encourage folks to be their best selves. I also have been married over 38 yrs…my wife found me dressing one day when she came home early. My advise…get it Off Your Chest…tell her as you would, Cancer or any other Difficult discussion. You can’t go on living like you… Read more »

    Active Member
    2 years ago

    Love your portraits girl. I’m in a similar situation.

    Jade Danvers
    2 years ago

    Pretty in pearls.

    Trish White
    Trusted Member
    2 years ago

    Hi Cathy, it’s eye opening in reading your post and several other posts from the more mature girls, more girls than not have strong desires to cross dressing more. I include myself in that bunch and don’t know if it’s something changing in our heads or the fact that most now are empty nesters and retired. What do you think Cathy?

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