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I've never felt as good as i did when i took this photo. I see the woman within me. I can't explain the feeling that came over me.


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Sorry it's not short but I needed to get it off my chest. I've been dressing since an early age. My first memory is way back when I was 3/4 and got dressed in some of my mum's clothes from a basket up in our attic playroom. When my mum and dad found me I can remember saying my mum had dressed me. It's such a vivid memory. After this I have different memories of dressing up through my teens. Mainly it was my mum's lingerie, I didn't dress fully. But I knew it was something I liked. I don't think it was till i left and set up home with my girlfriend that i was fully dressed. From this point on my dressing slowly started. Once or twice in the early years I put some of her lingerie on with her but it never came to anything. Anyway I continued to dress in the closet as we say till a few years after we had been married. Then one night we were going to a fancy dress party and my wife was going as a little red riding hood. Well i had to pick the costumes up so when i got home i couldn't resist trying the costume on with full lingerie she'd bought. Wow what feelings ran through me. You all know. Anyway that night I confessed my feelings to her and she was quite sympathetic. We talked through the night, she even let me wear some of her lingerie. From there I was free to dress without worries, under 1 rule and that was when she went out. A few times she did come home while I was dressed but we just sat and chatted. At times I bought clothing while with her and on odd occasions she even borrowed my lipsticks . She was never fully accepting of my dressing and the time came when she asked me to stop or we wouldn't survive. I love my wife so I purged all my stuff. Unfortunately the urge never goes away. I'm now here after further purges back in the closet but wanting to progress more on this feminine journey. Again sorry it's so long. Love Carol ❤️ Update.8/10/22 Came out to my wife this weekend lots of talking and questions but accepted my need to become Carol. Not ready to see me as Carol but a massive step forward. Update15/10/22 Had more conversations with my wife about Carol so much so that later that evening i found a little present of lipstick and eyeshadow pallette left for me on our bed.. Love her to bits ❤️❤️

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    Rozalyn Richards
    Trusted Member
    6 months ago

    Hi Carol i love the outfit, it really suits you X
    Hugs Rozalyn X

    Fiona Black
    Trusted Member
    6 months ago

    It is indeed a great feeling to be comfortable with the woman within. You look happy & content.

    Olga Hose
    6 months ago

    Hi Carol, you look beautiful hun.. I love your outfit. I am jealous of you because you are so passable. Love and kisses, Olga

    Peggy Sue Williams
    Noble Member
    6 months ago


    Oh yes, that fantastic life-long feeling that comes over a CD, when we dress each
    time. The female parts of ourselves are once again given the freedom to be
    expressed, freely and openly.

    You look very attractive and feminine, Carol!

    Hugs…Peggy Sue

    Giselle Reeves
    Active Member
    6 months ago

    very classy Carol

    Deena Smith
    Active Member
    6 months ago

    Loving the look. You look FAB!

    Trusted Member
    6 months ago

    Congrats carol! This outfit and makeup is a real winner and so are you enjoy it! You look amazing, thanks for sharing such a great pic.

    Gemma Richards
    Gemma Richards
    5 months ago

    You look amazing Carol. And I’m so happy for you that you are getting support and acceptance from your wife.

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