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by misssamantha

This dress made me very nervous. The length is perfect, sleeves the right length but the neckline is something I would never go for. I don’t have a necklace to wear with it, which would have broken the neckline somewhat. Really need some cleavage that would have made the look better. The dress has a subtle sparkle to it which made me buy it. Hugs, Samantha x x



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Samantha Joan

My crossdressing journey started at the age of 13, although upon reflection, it started a little earlier, like most, it was a ball of confusion, feelings and questions I honestly couldn’t answer nor could tell anyone. Growing up and trying to dress was difficult. There was no internet, so my access to fully understanding and knowledge was almost zero. My parents knew, talking was tough as instead of confronting my crossdressing I ran away from the conversation, sadly never to be talked about again. Like my favourite sci-fi saga, there was an awakening in the force, Samantha came into being, thanks to some very supportive people who were and still are invested in my journey. I am here to be part of this wonderful community, support others and share my experiences, plus if anyone knows the secret to a perfect, flawless makeup look, please let me know. Thanks for reading! Hugs, Samantha x x x

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Famed Member
2 years ago

I think you are little over thinking the situation. Everything looks fine and it wouldn’t have shown any cleavage if you did have it. I struggle with cleavage as well and there is this roll on adhesive you can get at amazon that does help with the breast forms that connect in the middle and you can lift and squeeze them together and stack three of them under a tight bra. You look great and as far as necklaces go Burlington Coat Factory has really inexpensive ones, under $10.00. Happy Holidays you little Nut

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