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by scarlett398

45 years ago, I was living in a car, working as a brick mason's laborer in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and having to steal lunch meat from a local grocery store in order to survive. The day I graduated from high school, my mother divorced my father. Two weeks later, one moved to one state and the other moved to another state I wasn't invited to either state and was left to fend for myself. I lived in that car for a year before joining the Air Force and removing myself from that horrific situation I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy if I had one. If 45 years ago, you woke me up in that car and showed me a photo of what I would be living in 45 years from then, I would have known you had taken way too many queludes or smoked way too much pot that night. Now God has blessed me and my sexy redhead with the most beautiful home I could have ever imagined living in! Lots of hard work, formal education, and prayers landed me where I'm at today. I'll never ever take this place for granted! Sincerely, Scarlett


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Patty Phose
Trusted Member
Patty Phose (@pattyphose)
10 months ago

Good for you girl. I guess no one, even you would have known you would become such a beautiful and sexy woman.

Sapphire Ribbons
Trusted Member
Sapphire Ribbons (@sapphire)
10 months ago

Absolutely Radiant!

Danielle Wayne
Trusted Member
Danielle Wayne (@daniellegrl)
10 months ago

Oh girlfriend you are truly an inspiration. Your story shows you can make something of yourself and have a great life, if your willing to work.
I love this gorgeous post, outfit and makeup. Love photos in he fall.
Love ya BFF

Peggy Sue Williams
Trusted Member
Peggy Sue Williams (@catgurl)
10 months ago

Thank you for sharing, Scarlett! That dress is absolutely beautiful and so is the girl wearing it.

Trusted Member
JackieBoy (@jackieboy)
10 months ago

That’s a lovely dress. I love those colors and that pattern.

Sabrina (Brina) MacTavish
Managing Editor
Active Member
10 months ago

One of your best photos 🙂

Taarna Enfemme
10 months ago

Amen. Awesome testimony Scarlett; Praise God! May His blessings ever be upon you and yours. i J n.

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