cheap dress

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by aphrodite63

got this for $9


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Im Renea and am 55. I thought I would like to share some of my thoughts and feelings as I identify with the journey we have all experienced to this point in our lives. I first started dressing (secretly) at age 8. I didnt know why I liked it for years and thought I was the only boy in the world who did it. In my teen years I stopped as I thought I should be the man I was supposed to be. I married in my late 20’s and then I started to explore my partners wardrobe (when alone). Dressing en-femme to me was never a sexual thing but more a sense of feeling happy and peaceful. Fast forward some years to a fully internet savvy world, is when I discovered I was not alone in dealing with this desire to be who I really am. On-line shopping allowed me to access the things that helped me elevate/accelerate my passion for my femininity, Im sure you know what accessories Im refering to. Over the years I have read many experiences of others, some, like me remained closeted for many years and of others who have understanding partners/family/friends that allowed for a more freedom of expression. My life has evolved very quickly in the last few years, separating from my partner, moving interstate and finally retiring from work. I now live alone and dress every day as a matter of daily routine. I live in a very small town but am a very private person so when I go out dressed when shopping or dining or just an outing nobody ever associates Renea with me (and nor do I care) Since January 2017 I began to grow my own hair (it was originally a crew cut), because I found my head got quite warm from wearing a wig. Also it was difficult to maintain a wigs neatness. Its a work in progress and would eventually like around shoulder length. (Update - 23 March 18: I've had my hair cut,styled and colored. update - 12 June 18: Hair is getting longer and harder to manage..grr keeps curling around my neck, overdue for salon visit !)) The most satisfying thing I have ever experienced in my journey is the knowledge that there are many like me that share a common desire. We are all different in our approach to enjoying our feminine selfs, so I believe its not the actual exterior we see (no matter how good or bad) its the doing that brings the joy. Also I believe that those of us who have turned that corner, truly understand and feel comfortable about who we are !!! Its taken some time but I am now really happy xxx. ( My recent pics can be found in the groups: Over 50's, Share Your Outfit and Australia ) My stats (not that anyone really cares): 5'6" (167cm) - 112lb (51kg) - Bra, 34C - Dress, AUS Sz 10/(US Sz 6) - Shoe, Sz 6 1/2

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Martina Klarc

Cheap dress ? You make it look like a million $ Very Nice !

Jenna Lee Freeman

Wow Renae, I’m convinced that you make any outfit look like a million $. Love your pics, keep them coming. XXOO Jenna Lee


Hi renae, you look great in that dress hon. Very pretty legs. A knockout!

Jackts Straw
Jackts Straw

Mmmmmmmm yes what a babe

SAL-lee Heart
SAL-lee Heart

One word………..Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Vegas
Active Member

I have to say the same, you rock anything you wear! And yes that $9 dress looks like a million $ on you.


I think you look wonderful! It might have been a bargain but you take it to the top table. Lovely.

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