Chiffon Dress


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  1. Profile photo of Jayne Morpheus
    Jayne Morpheus 4 months ago

    I like photos that are well done and this is perfect. You look very feminine and I love sling back shoes, I have them in several colors. Jayne

  2. Profile photo of claire
    claire 4 months ago

    Fun and flirty Donna!

  3. Profile photo of sharol tyler
    sharol tyler 5 months ago

    You nailed it again Donna. Great outfit.

  4. Profile photo of Patty Phose
    Patty Phose 6 months ago

    Must be great t be a 10

  5. Profile photo of Amanda
    Amanda 6 months ago

    You look fabulous, hunny

  6. Profile photo of
    Haley Evans 6 months ago

    That dress is gorgeous, and i absolutely love your shoes <3 you have such a pretty smile

  7. Profile photo of Abbie Simons
    Abbie Simons 6 months ago


    You look absolutely beautiful hunny……..and LOVE the dress.

  8. Profile photo of Jaime
    Jaime 6 months ago

    Wow love the whole thing. Dress, hair, smile, legs. You look beautiful

  9. Profile photo of
    destiny gibson 6 months ago

    I do love your dress

  10. Profile photo of VickieJ
    VickieJ 6 months ago

    That is such a lovely pic Donna

  11. Profile photo of Susan Beach
    Susan Beach 6 months ago

    You look fantastic!

  12. Profile photo of Vera Jane Gonsalves
    Vera Jane Gonsalves 6 months ago

    You are like a model…. everything is so well put together…the posture and smile are so gracious

    • Profile photo of Donna June Author
      Donna June 6 months ago

      Wow, you’ve commented on every one of my pictures, Vera Jane, thank you.

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