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by emma2ad

I had a hard time deciding on which shoes to purchase. I love the low heal buckle loafers and they looked great with this outfit, especially with these pants and socks. In the end I chose the chunky pair because I believe they will be worn more often. Though I feel I’ll be back to pick up the runner up soon enough. 🙂



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Emma Adler

Hi, everyone. I'm Emma and I am so happy to have found such a welcoming and open place to feel safe and unjudged. I've loved and envied women's clothing since i was quite young – always jealous of girls outfits. I had a female childhood friend that liked to dress me in her clothes and I loved it. Since then I've embraced my affinity for women's clothing, especially of the time when I was growing up. I consider myself traditional and conservative in my choice of outfits. I have an adoration for well coordinated outfits, favoring items such as sweaters of wool and cashmere, skirts and leggings as well as the accessories such as socks, tights, panties and bras. I love the conservative preppy look, always have. I can't get enough of cable knits, they're so feminine and I love the traditional pattern and texture. In my masculine I'm quite the opposite of conservative and traditional. While I'm not a follower and I drum to my own beat as well as pride myself in my uniqueness, Emma is very much a rule follower and prides herself on being excepted and behaving properly. Please excuse the mask in my photos, I'm pretty new to this so I'm not quite ready to lose it. I'm learning a lot about makeup and as soon as I'm happy with it I'll feel more confident to remove it.

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    Marie Chandler
    Trusted Member
    10 months ago

    I like both, but I totally understand opting for the one you think you’ll were more often. The low heel version reminds me of the Gucci Horsebit loafer. Which is SO CUTE! Can’t go wrong with both.

    Jill Marshall
    Active Member
    10 months ago

    I admire your ability to be practical when trying to choose between something shiny and something not shiny.

    Active Member
    10 months ago

    Tough choice!! The chunky heel you picked is cute! The funny thing about shopping, is our second choice usually ends up getting purchased too!

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