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by lori_stark

Hi everybody! OMG, it was so hot in the LA area today that I started taking off my clothes, something I should NEVER do when there's a camera in the room! But I did it anyway and when I got down to bra, waist cincher and this tiny skirt, BOOM! the shutter clicked, and here I am, kind of exposed! You might notice that my left earring is missing, but don't worry: I found it later -- in my bra! Anyway, I'm feeling pretty girly these days, as lately I've been experimenting with eye makeup, and I know I'm no good at it (yet!), but from 20 feet away it's kind of hard to tell what a smeary mess it is. This has given me the confidence to venture out in the evenings and do things like fill up my tank at the self serve gas station, and drop off a letter at the Post Office. And all it took was a little eye shadow! Who knew? With all that's been happening lately I haven't gotten around to posting any new pictures. I think it's been months since the last one. I'm jealous of all you beauties who can come up with ten new photos a week. All I can say is thank heaven for digital cameras, or I would be even broker than I already am from developing film and throwing away 99% of the pix! And of course under the new rule I only get to post five pictures, so one of the old ones has been deleted to make room for this one. Bummer, but they're all still available on Flickr, if you miss them (the link is in my profile). Love to all!



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Lori Stark

Crossdresser since childhood, when I found my sister's panties. Closeted these days. Went out dressed several times years ago when I was prettier. Past my sell-by now, but shyly beginning to venture out again.

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    Vivian Rondelle
    Vivian Rondelle
    4 years ago

    So hot. You’re at the stage I was 10 months ago, when I stopped dressing. Ready to get back into it soon, and hope the results can be half as sexy as you

    T.J. Byron
    3 years ago

    No, The ” profiles” are not listed on my list of selections.
    Your day job will be back soon, although you may be singing through a mask.As a surgeon, I sang through a mask all the time!!
    My ” Guitar story”; In my Santa Ana office,in the ’80s ,who was in my reception room????
    L E O F E N D E R !!
    We had a great relationship.
    Treated many musical, and T.V. & Movie folks. 35 yrs in the OC.
    Later…dr. t.j.

    T.J. Byron
    3 years ago

    My wife has known about my need to CD years ago….she critiques my outfits before I leave the house. She might add a scarf, buy me a bag or a pair of shoes….it’s so much easier to be out…

    Kathy LaDonna
    Trusted Member
    3 years ago

    What a hot picture love. You look very sexy and pretty.

    melissa la quinta
    Trusted Member
    1 year ago

    Lori, you look amazing, girl! Lovely figure, smooth skin, pretty hair and makeup. Such a lovely presentation. 

    Kerri Smith' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    Kerri Smith
    1 year ago

    You look so lovely and sexy. Don’t go outside looking like that.

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