Dressed for a Evening Event

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by mandyny
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Dressed for an evening event waiting for my date


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    Mandy Leggy

    Long time secret cross dresser with many fem tendencies. Came out to wife that I liked to dress and was more gay and gender fluid than straight. So after 20 years of marriage we got divorced. Much happy opening up and telling people like lifting a burden off me. Putting on a dress, slipping on some nice stockings, wearing a nice pair of high heels, applying make-up and final touch with lipstick and a slash of perfume and I feel so real and happy. And even better when I get compliments from a cute guy or another CD or Trans woman. I love looking at all the pretty girls here and If I say you are pretty it is sincere and if I flirt it is all in good nice taste as I love being a girl and being with other girls. My favorite pastime, beside from reading and movies and music, nice cuddles and kisses. I am passionate and caring person and a good friend to have. Not easy being gay and a CD girl so your support is always appreciated.

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    1. Michelle Lenz 2 days ago

      One fabulous look. Lovely. Gorgeous. Hope you had a fun time out.

    2. Karen Thomas 3 days ago

      Looking fabulous hun x

    3. Keisha Lynn 3 days ago

      So gorgeous!!!

    4. Erica Cartman 4 days ago


    5. ANDREA RAVEN 5 days ago

      Lovely, just lovely!

    6. Hi, Mandy. Somehow I had missed this one. It is yet another demonstration of your beauty and brilliance.

      Thank you so much for sharing your true self.

      Your happiness and confidence and comfort show!


    7. Jenna Lee Freeman 5 days ago

      Oh Mandy, you are simply a beautiful woman! It seems as though you are naturally a girl at heart. I’m not sure if I’m gay or not, but I’m definately bi curious. I still find women attractive, but I so like the attention I get from guys, when I’m dressed up. Please keep the photos coming, I love your outfits.
      Loves, Jenna Lee.

    8. Karen Miller 5 days ago

      You are stunning!

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