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by salty79

This was the first time I went out in public dressed as a woman. It was Halloween 2017. I learned the makeup from youtube. I later learned how to use beard concealer and to use surgical tape to lift my eye brows and cheeks. Not quite as good as my professional makeover, but since it was Halloween nobody cared!  


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Christine V

I've always admired women's clothing and used to wear my mom and my sister's clothes. I'm a straight macho guy who youd never expect this from. I went out dressed for the first time Halloween 2017 dressed as Elsa. I learned the makeup from youtube. In February of 2018, I went to a boutique in Vegas that taught me how to do makeup properly and gave me a free wig ,shoes ,and dress. It was a fun experience. I 'll tell the whole story to anyone interested.

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