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Shirley Lovelace

Retired business man. I have been enjoying wearing Women's clothes for almost 50 years. After many years of struggle my wife has come to accept this side of me. After much investigation and introspection I have concluded I am not trans, just simply enjoy cross-dressing. Not only do the clothes feel more comfortable, more natural, but over the years I have found that when wearing skirts, blouses, dresses and lingerie that I am much happier...feel freer to enjoy life with emotion...and pitch in and help around the house. My normal male stoicism and ego defense mechanisms disappear and I live life with heart and emotion. Tears come easy and I am much more aware of the beauty and wonderful things around me. Being a product of my generation I love white lingerie...satin paneled girdles....nylons attached to garters....and for outer wear....I like skirts and dresses much in the manner of Mrs. Cleaver and Donna Reed.....although I have a few more modern appearing clothes. I have never been out in public but often wear a full complement of lingerie under my boy clothes....very often under my Blue pin striped suit when I was working. I know I am a lucky and blessed man to enjoy some of both worlds.

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