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This is one of the first dresses given to me by my Significant Other. It's knee length, with a very swirly skirt, and I love it. It is a little stretchy and is easily shaped by my chest, which I really like. I wear it with a bra that gives me some projection as you see here.



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Trace Whitaquer

I've been a crossdresser to one degree or another since I was a teenager, starting with my mom's panties. Over the years I indulged more fully, trying almost everything feminine to express my feminine side. I started wearing a bra full-time over 30 years ago, in addition to panties which I've worn daily for almost 50 years (I'm now in my 70s). About ten years ago I fell in love with dresses, and am nearly always in a bra and dress when I'm at home. I am lucky to have a SO who is very supportive, even buying me bras and dresses occasionally as gifts.

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Angela Wagner
Managing Ambassador
Famed Member
10 months ago

Well, look who’s bursting onto the scene! Trace, when you wear a dress as beautiful and as mesmerizing as that one, there’s clearly no containing you!

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