First time out and dressed…..


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  1. Diane 5 months ago

    You look lovely!

  2. Gabi 5 months ago

    Glad things went well. You look fab!

  3. Terri Anne 5 months ago

    Hi Gwen,
    Very nice photo! I can see why you got along so well in your public showing.
    Nicely done.
    -Terri anne

  4. Lori Stark 5 months ago

    Much more than “passable.” Totally lovely! So happy for you it turned out well — I can only imagine the jitters stepping out!

  5. Erica Cartman 5 months ago

    You did good was fun wasn’t it, it won’t be the last now you have a taste of life outside the closet…Kudos!

  6. Maddie Hawethorne 5 months ago

    Absolutly beautiful! You go girl! Big congrats.

  7. Bianca Everdene 5 months ago

    Looking fab Gwen. Everybody needs an LBD, so versatile and cute. Was the wine before (to settle nerves)or after (to celibrate) your outing ?

  8. Cahira 5 months ago

    Gwen, you look fantastic!! Outfit, makeup, you are all set. Im sure your shoes match lol. I am also glad to hear that everything turned out so well!!

  9. Jack Straw 5 months ago

    Wow you look amazing,you are beautiful

  10. Joanna Graham 5 months ago

    oh gwen you look soo so gorgeous! way to go, girl!

  11. Patty Phose 5 months ago

    Going out dressed is very scary but even more exciting and a thrill and rush like nothing else. You look great

  12. Linda mm Magliore 5 months ago

    Gorgeous dress and hair is beautiful.

  13. Samantha 5 months ago

    Love ur look Gwen,u are a natural woman x.

  14. Missie Cook 5 months ago

    Complements Gwen Your Looking Wonderful.
    Cheers For You And Yours.

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