First time out and dressed…..

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by gwenevere

....and so very scared, things turned out well in the end though


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    Gwen Hind

    Hi all, Long time dresser but following some very painful experience many years ago put it away. Glad to say have recently started to fully explore things again and am enjoying life so far

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    1. Missie Cook 2 weeks ago

      Complements Gwen Your Looking Wonderful.
      Cheers For You And Yours.

    2. Samantha 2 weeks ago

      Love ur look Gwen,u are a natural woman x.

    3. Linda mm Magliore 3 weeks ago

      Gorgeous dress and hair is beautiful.

    4. Patty Phose 3 weeks ago

      Going out dressed is very scary but even more exciting and a thrill and rush like nothing else. You look great

    5. Joanna Graham 3 weeks ago

      oh gwen you look soo so gorgeous! way to go, girl!

    6. Jack Straw 3 weeks ago

      Wow you look amazing,you are beautiful

    7. Cahira 3 weeks ago

      Gwen, you look fantastic!! Outfit, makeup, you are all set. Im sure your shoes match lol. I am also glad to hear that everything turned out so well!!

    8. Bianca Everdene 3 weeks ago

      Looking fab Gwen. Everybody needs an LBD, so versatile and cute. Was the wine before (to settle nerves)or after (to celibrate) your outing ?

    9. Maddie Hawethorne 3 weeks ago

      Absolutly beautiful! You go girl! Big congrats.

    10. Erica Cartman 3 weeks ago

      You did good was fun wasn’t it, it won’t be the last now you have a taste of life outside the closet…Kudos!

    11. Lori Stark 3 weeks ago

      Much more than “passable.” Totally lovely! So happy for you it turned out well — I can only imagine the jitters stepping out!

    12. Terri Anne 3 weeks ago

      Hi Gwen,
      Very nice photo! I can see why you got along so well in your public showing.
      Nicely done.
      -Terri anne

    13. Gabi 3 weeks ago

      Glad things went well. You look fab!

    14. Diane 3 weeks ago

      You look lovely!

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