Hi, I’m new to the group and very nervous. This is a pic of me taken by beautiful and supportive wife, ready for my first adventure outside which went well and was very exciting. Looking forward to more exciting times, Cindy

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Cindy Denier

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  1. Lara Cross 4 days ago

    Cindy–Every where I go I see your beautiful face and great taste. It’s nice to know that our world really isn’t that large. Thanks for being my “shadow” and joining CDH (I need some supervision… the girls here are really cute and extremely nice.) Anyway send me a message on LLTG or CDH (or both) and we can “compare notes.) –Lara Cross

  2. Davinia Hart 5 days ago

    Cindy, you look fabulous. Love those heels.

  3. Christine V 1 week ago

    I’d like to try on that outfit, you look beautiful!

  4. sammi 2 weeks ago

    Sweet and hot

  5. Wanda Silver 4 weeks ago

    You look fabulous-love the heels

    • Author
      Cindy Denier 4 weeks ago

      Thanks Wanda – I have quite a collection of heels now

  6. Julie Shaw 4 weeks ago

    Looking hot, Sweetie – and I add my congrats for having a supportive spouse.

  7. Kim Dale 2 months ago

    You really do look great and the fact that your wife is your photographer makes it that much better.

    Do something special together!

    • Author
      Cindy Denier 4 weeks ago

      It really does Kim, she makes me feel so at ease when she is taking my photos.

  8. Jenna Good 2 months ago

    Cindy, congrats. on your first time out. You look spectacular in that outfit. Your wife was very supportive and kudo’s to her for helping you.

    Would you mind telling use what she helped you with? She has to be a wonderful woman to do this for you..

    Congratulations to you both.

    • Author
      Cindy Denier 4 weeks ago

      She helps me with my outfits Jenna and always comes shopping with me. She knows what looks good and what looks trashy. She really is wonderful.

  9. Tia Blue 2 months ago

    Wow, your look is what so many of us long to achieve. Well done, and kudos to your supporting wife

  10. Jackts 3 months ago

    Very nice very nice indeed

  11. Faye 3 months ago

    You look so natural.

  12. Heather Stevens 3 months ago

    Quite the stunning look. Adore your lovely outfit. Glad your 1st time out was fabulous. I know it won’t be your last!


    • Aishling Murphy 3 months ago

      Very beautiful lady

      • Author
        Cindy Denier 4 weeks ago

        Thank you Aishling – love your name xx

    • Author
      Cindy Denier 4 weeks ago

      Thanks Heather, I have been out a few times since then and always love it xx

  13. Sarah 4 months ago

    Simply gorgeous!

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