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Pyrite is more commonly known as "fool's gold" because it was often mistaken for gold among those trying to hit it big in the American west during the mid-19th century. Sometimes, I consider the perspective of women (gold) that have an issue with a man trying to look like a woman (fool's gold) in public. I'm inspired to think about this not because I worry about what others think (though I am mindful I live in a society, not in a vacuum); rather, I'm fascinated by sociology and how people interact in different cultures. When I'm on travel or at a conference or wherever I might be, I sometimes look around and wonder if the men I see have a secret like mine. Why do we hide it? I hide my crossdressing for a few reasons. The big one is that I am a man and prefer presenting as masculine in society. Of course, there is much debate about what "masculine" means, especially between generations. But for me this means just being me. I've no other way to describe it in simpler terms. Second, I sometimes feel a fraud. My brand of crossdressing can be seen as a kind of cultural appropriation (or would it be "gender appropriation"?). As Alex, I am wearing a costume and a mask and expect to be received as a woman if for no other reason than to mitigate awkwardness in public settings. But I'm not a woman. I am only pretending to look like one. As a result, I can feel self-conscious about what I'm doing. I come to terms with these stray feelings by working hard to look my best and to represent "woman-ness" with dignity and respect. The good news is that the fun of crossdressing is the effusion that dilutes any negative aspects these feelings may impart on the experience. Dress: Vince Camuto Cardigan: Jessica Howard Shoes: SHEIN


En Femme Style

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Alexandra Forbes

I'm a guy. I like women. I like the company of women, I'm married to a woman, and I like to dress up like a woman now and then because it's fun. For me, crossdressing is an art form and an excuse to meet like-minded folks, not the expression of gender dysphoria. I should note that my photos are not doctored up with apps or significantly modified using Photoshop, though I do adjust color, contrast, and that sort of thing. It is important to me that my photos are genuine, with wrinkles, pores, and all. If they aren't genuine, I'm fooling myself and others. I take this art form pretty seriously, so if you don't have much of a profile, no photos, or your photos are obviously fake or heavily photoshopped, I will probably not respond to a friend request. I'm not here to indulge sexual fantasies, talk about fetishes, or discuss what sort of intimates I wear to work (I don't). My hope is to find people who are interested in discussing "The Craft," or the art of crossdressing. I'm also keen to ponder the nature of sexuality and gender, fashion, and makeup techniques. However, I always try to respond to correspondence - we should all help each other out. I enjoy engaging with anyone, frankly! My Flickr page can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/andreaforbes/

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Rozalyn Richards
Active Member
3 months ago

Love the dress Alex, and what super legs you have X
Hugs Rozalyn X

Trusted Member
3 months ago

This is your best photo ever, Ms Alexandra

Michelle Trott
Trusted Member
3 months ago

Very pretty.

Rachel Kuschel
3 months ago

Love to talk maybe coffee

Ann Dee
Active Member
2 months ago

Always so well put together. Lovely dress. Great pose/photo


Noble Member
2 months ago

Where else should I be expected to find you!

That’s right – right here in the Featured Photos section!

Gorgeous! XOXOXO Scarlett

Fiona Black
Active Member
2 months ago


You have no reason to be self-conscious my dear. I was very self-conscious the first 5 or 6 times I went out en femme but it has now virtually disappeared. The sheer joy of dressing and going out now overrides any lingering feelings like that.

And yes, you look lovely as always.


Ginny Gee
Trusted Member
2 months ago

I couldn’t agree more. Great photo too Alex.

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