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by carolcorbett

Just coming home from a fun day shopping. As you can tell from my smile I’m so happy. Just a regular girl out looking for deals 😄



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Carole Corbett

So my story is nothing new…have been dressing my whole life and attracted to women’s clothes and their look since I was young…maybe 10-11 years old. Didn’t understand it but could not stop. Purged many times thinking I could stop but I’ve come to realize that you can’t. Married to a wonderful wife and have a great family who doesn’t know. Want to tell my wife and am planning on doing it assuming I get the courage ! Updated profile So I started going to a therapist. My pending retirement (no longer able to travel and dress) was just tired of hiding caused me to focus on telling my wife. First thing accomplished with my therapist was to accept myself. I finally admitted to myself that I was alone my whole life and that I was a good person that deserved to be happy ! Next step was to tell my wife. I agonized over writing the letter to her telling her about Carole. D Day came, I was a wreck and finally gave her the letter. She came into the bedroom after reading it and told me she knew, that she found some photos a few years ago and had been trying to process it all. She was happy that I told her and we talked into the morning. Lots of talking, connecting her with another CDH girls wife ( it was good for her to see she’s far from alone) and focus on today versus worrying about what could happy got us to where we are today. She accepts Carole and supports me but it’s still a work in process. We have gone out a few times together as girlfriends and had fun. She has even bought Carole a few things. While our marriage and her are my number one…Carole is a close second. It is my belief that making sure that she knew that her and our marriage was number one caused my wife to drop her guard and open up to letting Carole in. We don’t know what the future will bring…I don’t think I want to transition but I told her I can’t promise it. We like in the day which has helped us immensely. Life can throw you many curveballs so why worry about the future. This thinking has brought us closer together than ever before . Getting out more than ever and loving it. Even went to a stylist who helped me with my wardrobe. That was a huge confidence builder. So focusing now on makeup, mannerisms, my weight and getting out. I love it. We shall see where this takes me!

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Angela Crosse
Trusted Member
1 year ago

Looking fabulous Carole, you certainly look happy, can’t see all the shopping bags!! xxx

Susan Sue
Trusted Member
1 year ago

Sounds like a wonderful time Carole. Nothing like getting out in girl mode.

Ann Dee
Active Member
1 year ago

You look radiant! Hope you got the deals too. Thanks for sharing.


Giselle Reeves
Active Member
1 year ago

lovely natural look Carole

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