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by yestothedress

Wife out of town - check. Pink fog swirling about - check. Plans for an all-day photoshoot - check. Late-morning text from daughter saying she's coming over in two hours - NO! Mad scramble to remove makeup and put all the stuff back in hiding - NO! Battery dies on bluetooth remote clicker - NO! Almost all photos lost in transfer from iPhone to PC - NO, NO, NO! Momma said there'd be days like this, ARGHHHH! One of the few photos I managed to salvage from a very bad dressing day - sob.



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On-and-off CDing since early teens. Long stretches without any urges but here in my advanced middle age Mona has emerged in force. She's a high-spirited gal who shall no longer be denied. It's both thrilling and a bit intimidating because I don't know where she's planning to take me. Although I only get to dress every now and then, I'm having great fun and just enjoying the ride. I'm happy to have found this welcoming and supportive community and hope to get more involved as time allows.
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Emily Dohar
Active Member
1 year ago

Just a postponement, you will be back in the fog soon.

Gabriela Romani
Gabriela Romani
1 year ago

Had similar things happening. Some days we just can’t catch a break!
And yet… you managed to look great!!

Alexandra Forbes
Alexandra Forbes
1 year ago

Ugh! I feel your pain! I’ve had a few days like this, though the problems were entirely caused by me alone: makeup not working as it should, false lashes not staying on, outfits I thought would look awesome make me look like a wildebeest, etc. I hate those days.

Still, you look sensational here! You wouldn’t know the ickiness you had to put up with to get there 😀

Active Member
1 year ago

Mona a lovely photo came out of the disaster, you look beautiful. Love your dress.
Carol ❤️

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