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Karyn Lobelia

I was married at 20 and had never cross dressed, but had always been considered as feminine and often taken facially for a " girl ". This was my wife's second marriage and she recognized that I had often been called " too pretty to be a boy " by her friends . As I was always very appreciative of women's styles, she suggested that I start wearing ladies versions of men's styles and to wear my hair longer . Our friends and my co workers were supportive of me becoming more femme . Eventually , I started doing my nails in French Nails , and wearing natural makeup . As this progressed , I really noticed that I was flattered by being perceived as my wife's girlfriend in public . When , I decided to go femme full time at work and in public is was very easy for me because of the support of our friends and my co workers , since I worked at a liberal University . Once I started enjoying the flattery of being an attractive women , it was a much harder decision to totally transition. This site made a big difference to me in making that decision.

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  1. Wanda Shirkey 2 years ago

    Karyn, you look awesome!

  2. Holly58 2 years ago

    I’m sorry I didn’t Pay attention you are modeling You are so stunning

  3. DANIELLE MEGHAN 1 year ago


  4. Arienne Williams 1 year ago

    You are stunning!

  5. Anita Watkins 1 year ago

    I agree, You are stunning.

  6. Kandy Barr 1 year ago

    You look great.You couldn’t be a prettier girl

  7. Sheryl Johnstone 1 year ago

    Gorgeous, as you always are, Karyn.

  8. Lola Subm 1 year ago

    You are so beautiful. I’m jealous.

  9. Patti 1 year ago

    Love your story! You are beautiful!!

  10. Samuella 1 year ago

    A beautiful story…as beautiful as you!

  11. Jessie Jo 1 year ago

    Karyn, you are simply gorgeous!

  12. Alexis 1 year ago

    wow thats all.

  13. Andrea Haille Rayne 12 months ago

    I really love this glamour shot of. It shows you as a very beautiful and sexy young woman. It would be very hard to know that you were born as a man.

  14. Rochelle 12 months ago

    Wow, what a lovely woman you are. I can only dream, of ever looking that gorgeous.

  15. Lorrie Kaye 12 months ago

    JUST!WOW! Awesome!

  16. Margie 12 months ago

    Very beautiful Karyn, Very very beautiful! If only a few could be as gifted as you. Only wish good things to come to whatever you choose.

  17. Adria 12 months ago

    Wow, jealous of u πŸ™‚

  18. Robin 11 months ago

    Speechless ! Absolutely Gorgeous is an understatement

  19. Monika Sweet 11 months ago

    Are you really a CD ?? You look like a beautiful woman to me…!!! You sure should be living full time as a woman you are… Love the photo. Good luck.

  20. Mary Paige Rumore 9 months ago

    Wow. You are absolutelty gorgeous. You are such a beautiful woman.

  21. Louise Willis 9 months ago

    Wow , so totally beautiful a nice story. To have a supportive wife must be great. You can go shopping together. Nice post . Thanks x

  22. Joanna 9 months ago

    I myself at a very young age felt a very strong inner desire to be female . I was even more important are of my feminine core as I began to crossdressers in private and share this with a few personal male friends .. I still long to be fully female and do so wish I could transition into Joanna completely. I think you all Beautiful and hope your changes big or small bring happiness to each of you

  23. Arienne Williams 9 months ago


  24. Tina Marie Newman 8 months ago

    Hi Karyn, i have just join this lovely site and came across your photo, i just have to say that you are so beautiful gorgeous lady. X

  25. Kara Kelly 8 months ago

    You look absolutely beautiful ! You are so lucky to have such an understanding and supportive wife.

  26. Katie Daily 8 months ago

    Brave & very Beautiful

  27. Patti Parker 8 months ago

    To beautiful for any man

  28. Allison Smith 8 months ago

    Wow. You gorgeous

  29. Marianne Tornander 7 months ago

    Fabulous picture!
    You are a lucky girl.

  30. Mike 7 months ago

    If I looked that pretty I would never go back to being a man.

  31. Diane Pantyhose 7 months ago

    Totally incredible !

  32. Nikki Smith 7 months ago

    Stunning woman!

  33. Kristina Gomaz 7 months ago

    Wow so beautiful and a wonderful story

  34. Savannah A 7 months ago


  35. Lezley Jones 6 months ago

    You are very beautiful

  36. Amy 6 months ago

    That’s a picture of the actress and model Kaylyn Slevin.

    Karyn Lobelia has also tried to pass off a picture of Elle Fanning as her own:

    Why aren’t these posts taken down?

  37. Christena Wispy 6 months ago

    so not real yet I so understand just look at all the adds for us

  38. kelly Haywood 5 months ago

    I’m so scared,I can’t get myself to go out. Never had I shake ,but I’m so sexy, I wanna get there. I this is the first time I’ve dressed in 3 year, I wanna be dressed and give a couple a good time and just try being bi and have his wife too. I’m in curious, I’ve sucked at 14 and I’ve head 13 inch vibrated in my a by my wife,I enjoyed the feeling but I was in her too.every part of me is all tinglingid love to be out and have woman like this, with odd man,I’m gay arnt I,I’d love to be bedded by

  39. kelly Haywood 5 months ago

    How I’d love to look the same

  40. kelly Haywood 5 months ago

    Did love to look like this.

  41. Dt 5 months ago

    You are absolutely breathtaking

  42. Antonia D 4 months ago


  43. Vikki9 Blue 4 months ago


  44. Abby Lauren 4 months ago

    You look naturally and flawlessly beautiful

  45. Danni Neels 4 months ago

    You should be a model you are gorgeous!

  46. kelly Haywood 4 months ago

    You are gorgeous that’s for sure. How I wish I I could look as pretty as yourself,just blending into public life as a femme. Love babes Kelly.x

  47. Trisha Fadikar 4 months ago

    This is amazing! You pass (beautifully) as female 100%!

  48. Sarajane Potter 3 months ago

    Karen – you ar stunningly beautiful – I could fall in love with you as a man or a woman! Wonderful to have such a supportive wife who has helped you with your journey. have you now transitioned fully to a female


  49. Melissa Fernandes 3 months ago

    You are perfect! Congratulations. You made a good decision, I wish I could do the same

  50. So sweet……..I could eat you up.

    Lady Veronica

  51. I love how supportive your wife is. that’s awesome

  52. Athena Smith 2 months ago

    You are stunning I hope your life has been wonderful since you decided to transition

  53. Lynnette James 2 months ago

    You are just beautiful. <3

  54. Taryn Amber Brug 1 month ago

    You are stunning and preciously fresh. Xoxox Taryn Amber

  55. Casandra Crisp 1 month ago

    Omg I am in love your so so beautiful just drop dead gorgeous

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