Green 4 Go! Red 4 Stop!

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by claire-bear

Amber for Do you feel lucky?...... Well.... i guess I'd better get an Amber dress next then 😀


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    Claire Bear

    I love to dress and feel feminine. Not in public as I'm not ready for that yet! I've gone years without cross dressing but have always found myself returning to it, I've tried to kick the habit but I'm now realising it's a part of me that I need to be comfortable with and see where it leads me. It makes me feel sexy, beautiful and above all its fun. Love to you all. Claire x

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    1. sandra saunders 1 week ago

      Great figure with lovely legs !

    2. Jack Straw 2 weeks ago

      Stunning, you looking amazing,love those curves

    3. zeezee Smith 1 month ago

      Great legs!

    4. cdmelissalaquinta 1 month ago

      Wow, girl, you really know how to fill that dress. Gorgeous !

    5. Jamie CDinTN 1 month ago

      Wow, stunning!

    6. Andrea 2 months ago

      Amazing body! Way to show it off!!

    7. Dirk Fouche 2 months ago

      I love that outfit it fits you perfectly

    8. Leesha 2 months ago

      You are unbelievable… you should be on the catwalk.. lovely figure in that dress.. younhave made my jaw drop in amazement.. nice bit of leg too.. you have won me over…leesha xxx

    9. Persephone Androgynous 2 months ago

      Just straight up rocking that dress! Over looking like princess Diana rip Look at you!! Geez!

    10. Patty Phose 2 months ago

      Just beautiful

    11. Erica Cartman 2 months ago

      Wooow Claire….You stopped my heart with this pix! But you also “won” my heart too… What a beautiful shape you have and what a gorgeous woman you have become…Stunning!!!

    12. Cahira 2 months ago

      Oh, Claire Bear..that is my favorite type of dress and you pulled it off wonderfully!! Love the dress, pose, and that sexy leg! Just simply fascinating!

    13. Jamie Vegas 2 months ago


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