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by ritaperillo

Got a chance to dress today and wanted to wear something bright for the holidays. Happy Holidays to one and all!



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Rita Perillo

Like most of us gals I started dressing young, at 10, and have never looked back after that. Been through the purges, the secrecy, the guilt, but always, always, came back to it. Now I just accept it because it's an important part of me and I also know that this is a life-long preference and that it will never go away, nor do I want it to now. I ONLY socialize with other CDs and have absolutely no interest in being a full-time woman or being with men. Rita allows me to express my strong feminine side and, as the years pass, it's the side I feel most comfortable with, especially when socializing with other CDs. This is a wonderful sisterhood and I adore sharing it with like minded individuals out there.

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    Angela Wagner
    Managing Ambassador
    Famed Member
    2 months ago

    I love that outfit, Rita. Beautiful blue, and bright red. Each color is wonderful. But put them together, and the combination is fantastic!

    Alex Koko Kline
    Active Member
    2 months ago

    You look terrific rita! Are those the jeggins?!? They look wonderful! I’m pretty sure I know someone who told you they would! Lol cute boots btw!

    Trusted Member
    2 months ago

    I love the look, it’s well put together. I have three very similar sweaters to the one you are wearing they are great for casual dressing. Oh and btw where did you get the boots?

    Randy Dave
    1 month ago

    Rita Can I say you look stunning in this picture and your other pictures too happy holidays to you too

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