How’s m outfit 😊🥰

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by reneetippman94

I don’t quite know how I feel about this dress. If you’ve got the assets it may be a beautiful dress. How do you feel about it?


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Renee Tippman

I've been crossdressing for the last few years. Sometimes I struggle, sometimes I'm fine. I want to learn what other people feel about it and be able to be comfortable with who I am.

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    1. Lanna Barton 1 week ago

      Simply gorgeous my dear!!!

    2. Jessica Pink 1 week ago

      Love your whole outfit! 😉

    3. Susan Miller 1 week ago

      Terrific dress and pose! A real head turner.

    4. Grace 1 week ago


    5. Erica Cartman 1 week ago

      Hubba Hubba!!! You have the right assets in my book… 😉 Erica

    6. ANDREA RAVEN 1 week ago

      You look fabulous Renee, lovely dress!

    7. Alexis Frazier 1 week ago

      Very feminine presentation. Thank you.

    8. Joan Sher 1 week ago

      Look amazing as always renee!

    9. Bianca Everdene 1 week ago

      Beautiful Renee, love the dress, and the shoes compliment the dress. Love a block heel, so much easier to walk in.

      • Author
        Renee Tippman 7 days ago

        That’s I like them, but some girls like to have different colours from the dress to the shoes. But yes, would never question a block heel.

        Renee Xx

    10. Stephanie Green 7 days ago

      Wow! You look stunning in that dress. I love it.

    11. Abby Daniels 7 days ago

      Renee you look absolutely gorgeous and the dress looks great on you. Love Abby

    12. Chelle 7 days ago

      Lovely curves, but i must say – loving the red dress better

    13. Hanna 7 days ago

      You have the assets. Happy Valentines Day.

    14. Jasmine Jeffries 7 days ago

      Renee love the dress love the Look

    15. Joanna Graham 7 days ago

      it’s a fun dress and you look great but i think this isn’t your color. it kinda washes you out. you look amazing in red, blue, black and green, i know from your pics. my advice, go with bold/dark colors! you’re hot girl!

      • Author
        Renee Tippman 7 days ago

        Thank you so much, we all need fashion advice at some point yeah, I agree, it’s not one of my favourites.

        Renee Xx

    16. Gabriela Romani 5 days ago

      It is a pretty dress. But you look nicer in you other photos, in my opinion. Like the recent pic with your red dress. Some times even pretty things are just not flattering on us.


    17. zeezee Smith 4 days ago

      Beautiful dress – looks great on you.

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