I just bought a pile of these Calvin Klein dresses!


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  1. Ellen Jones 2 days ago

    Love your makeup and nails!

  2. Carole Corbett 3 months ago

    Stunning. You are a gorgeous girl

    • Author
      Scarlett398 2 months ago

      Thanks so much Carole and sorry it took so long to get back to you. Your profile photo tells me you are a gorgeous girl as well!
      Take care girl friend and thanks for such a sweet note!
      XOXOX Scarlett

  3. Terri Anne 4 months ago

    All of you photos are just great!. Winning Smile too!
    btw, I love using a day planner over a phone!

    • Author
      Scarlett398 2 months ago

      Thank you, Terri, for such a sweet note and sorry about how long it took me to send you a thank you note!

      Take care and please stay in touch! XOXOX Scarlett

  4. Kristy Bucklyn 4 months ago

    A “pile?”

    • Author
      Scarlett398 2 months ago

      Hi Kristy, “a pile” in the south equates to between 15 and 20 dresses! I love these Calvin Klein dresses. They fit like a glove and have a classy endless style to them. I think I could put all of the ones I’ve just recently purchased on thirty years from now and they would probably still be in style!
      Take care and sorry it took so long to get back with you!
      XOXOX Scarlett

  5. Asha Jax 4 months ago

    Very nice!

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