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Hélène De Troie

I’m Hélène from France. I live near Nevers, in Burgundy, right in the middle of France, 6.1 and 163 pounds (If my calculations are accurates, in decimal it’s 1m87 and 74 kg), and I recently turned 60... First of all, please accept my apologies for my english. I didn’t like english at school, but in 1998 I bought the first Harry potter translated in French. It was so amazing that I couldn’t wait for the second book to be translated, so I bought it in english accompanied by an enormous english/french dictionary. Lot of work at the beginning, then I read the Lord of the rings and it was it, now I read most of my books in english and I am good enough not to need a dictionary most of the time. Problem is that my brain seems to work only one way… I have to think a lot to write in english. And I don’t know how to pronounce a lot of words because I never speak english... I am still surprised to dress as a woman as I had quite a standard life for all these years. Standard, that is if you except thetimes when I tried my mother’s skirts and boots (at 12), then my cousin’s underwear (at 14), my girlfriend’s stockings (from 18 to 35), then my wife’s bras and stockings (from 35 to ...), but it was just curiosity, recreational, erotic, you see ? I always told me it meant nothing... But last year my wife decided to discard all of her sexy oufits and underwear… The brain is a curious thing. Immediatly I felt the need to wear stockings (even though I hadn’t do it for years). While browsing on internet for buying a pair of stockings, I saw a pair of red 5 «  heels sandals. They were soooo sexy ! I bought them along with stockings and a garter belt, what a thrill ! Of course I had to hide to wear these, but after a few trials I was able to walk with the heels, a little wobbly sometimes, but I walked ! The sensation was wonderful. So in the last year I have bought clothes, underwears, shoes, some jewelry, wigs, makeup. And I have discovered that the important part was not the sexual part but the feminine part, I am no more playing to be a girl, I am enjoying being a girl. The more I crossdress, the more I want to keep my girl clothes, the more I feel like a woman, the more I realize how far I am to be a real one. Ah yes, I'm here because the sites in France seem to be very « sex dating » oriented. Not my cup of tea ! And I have seen so much wonderful persons on Crossdresser Heaven, so much smiles, so much joy that I had to join.

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    Lynda Jones
    Active Member
    1 year ago

    Hello Helene,
    First of all love your look, as for apologies for your English we from the U.S. should be the one apologizing for our like of more than one language. In my travels I have meet so many people who speak several languages. My last encounter was with a lady on a flight from Morocco. We we were able to carry on a conversion even tho her English was limited, she spoke Arabic, Burber, and two more African language. To say the least I wish I could just speak just one foreign Language.

    Sarah Kanter
    Trusted Member
    1 year ago

    Hello Helen, your outfit is great, thanks for sharing! You look lovely.

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