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by gemmalovegood

I once knew magic. I practiced the tricks, and understood the principles of distraction and sleight of hand. Many big illusions are designed with black lines to disguise, or con if you will, what the eye sees. Such is the case with this color block bodycon dress. It’s designed to accentuate curves, and allude to a desired hourglass figure. When I started buying dresses back in January, this was one of the first dresses I selected. I though it would make the female form illusion easy. However the big reveal came as a surprise. The dress was unforgiving. I have a square torso. Thin for a male, with no curves. I had to use every piece of shapewear I own to be satisfied. The fabric was stretchy and snug, and not as opaque as I hoped. There were no zippers or closures, so it wasn’t easy to put on or take off. I was scared I might get makeup on the white fabric, and I found this task difficult with press on nails. I should have added another layer to hide the lines of my undergarments, but I don’t own a full girdle, yet. I experimented with poses that weren’t comfortable or natural. Popped my hips and pointed one leg alluding confidence, I considered the angles of my feet and pointed them towards the camera to make them appear shorter. I used the same tactic with my arms, which are rather long. The nails helped to lengthen and soften my large hands, and the jewelry added glimmer as distraction. Distraction. Misdirection. Angles. Illusion. All intended to suggest something that I’m NOT. Sadly, I didn’t feel comfortable in it. I had to work hard to make this dress work for me. I could never relax if I wore this out in public. Also, it’s not my style, and suggests something sexier. That isn’t Gemma. She’s smart. She’s warm. She’s a flirt, but not inherently sexy. She’s more Tina Fey, than Tina Turner. She’s me; a man in a dress. I need to feel comfortable first, and settle into just being me. As I continue to discover who Gemma is, I want her to present as an honest outward expression of the feminine me. That’s a difficult enough illusion to pull off, and I don’t want to allude to anything more. -Gemma💋


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Gemma Lovegood

Shy and kind closeted straight crossdresser.

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    Gabriela Romani
    Managing Ambassador
    Trusted Member
    2 months ago


    Some things we can only learn by trial and error!
    But you definitely know enough about lights and shades, fills and voids… and believe me (I know you will) women have been using that knowledge since fashion is fashion! Right colors, right shapes, patterns, lengths, fabrics! Yes, a lot harder than what it seems, but a magical mystery tour for sure!! 😉
    And with all the inherent frustrations… a lot of fun and feeling of achievement when things come together and you see “her” in the mirror!

    Angela Wagner
    Trusted Member
    2 months ago
    Reply to  Gemma Lovegood

    Oh please, Gemma, don’t start with the Fairy Godmother thing again. Last time I had to sit around dressed as Cinderella until midnight.

    Angela Wagner
    Trusted Member
    2 months ago

    You know, Gemma, the overall look of this outfit isn’t as bad as you may think. Yes, when I zoom in I can see the problems you outline. But for a first attempt at shape-wear I think you did some things right as well, starting with your overall shape. I really didn’t try shape- wear until relatively recently and, trust me, I made plenty of mistakes and looked downright weird in some photos. The difference is that I simply deleted those photos and moved on. We’ve talked about this before. Many of us have the time to experiment, and fail,… Read more »

    Danielle Wayne
    Noble Member
    2 months ago

    It does allude to a feminine physique. Looking good

    Noble Member
    2 months ago

    I personally love that type of color block bodycon dress, and I think it looks great on you.

    Regarding your CD learning curve, all I can say is:

    Just have fun and keep going, we’ve all been there, darling.

    Patty Phose
    Famed Member
    2 months ago

    I think you look great. Very pretty.

    Sabrina (Brina) MacTavish
    Managing Editor
    Trusted Member

    I never add the nails until after the dress is on. I do my makeup with it on (tuck a rag or wear a flock over it to avoid the makeup getting on it). Always do the deodorant and let it dry or apply after its on, too (can leave white streaks). I’m past doing multiple dresses these days as wearing nails and the makeup can cause changing disasters. I try to be extremely careful taking off a dress that I have to slip over my head (arms out first). I’ve never figured out how some women do it with… Read more »

    Jamie Smyth
    Active Member
    2 months ago

    It’s still a nice dress and an interesting look. I would absolutely consider it progress and not a failure at all.

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