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  1. Sally Kensington 2 months ago

    Wow Hannah, does it feel as good on you as it looks? such a mischevious grin on your pretty face!

  2. Melinda 3 months ago

    Dam Hannah you look beatyful hugs and hugs wow love your outfit look pretty wow sexy hugs

  3. Jamie Vegas 5 months ago

    WOW, you look great in that suit!

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 5 months ago

      Thanks Jamie!

      Can’t go wrong with basic black (and a one piece to hide the middle .


  4. Stephanie York 5 months ago

    You look stunning Hanna! What a beautiful smile.

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 5 months ago

      Thanks Stephanie!

      You’re very kind.
      I am Feeling great about this journey. It is Hard not to smile.


  5. Mira Wellington 5 months ago

    You look great in that. How many of us (including GG’s) would love to be able to get into one of those.

  6. Morgan Ashley 6 months ago

    How do you do it girl!? πŸ™‚

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago

      Hi Morgan!

      Lol! For someone who is not transitioning I guess I’m blessed because I definitely received my mom’s genes. My Dad’s side has no shape at all.



  7. Rochelle 6 months ago

    I would love to be able to wear one of those, or even a bikini, guess I better work on my figure.

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago

      Too funny, I bought a bikini old school that covers the belly button. If I lose 5-10 lbs I could probably pull it off (no pun intended).

      Been too lazy to get rid of the extra weight. We’ll see how it goes.

      Buy one! Give yourself a reason

      Hannah Jeanne

  8. Kara Kelly 6 months ago

    You look amazing in that swimsuit! I wear swimsuits around the house too, but I don’t look anywhere as good as you do. Some day I would love to go to the beach wearing a swimsuit.

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago

      Kara thanks so much for the kind words

      As someone that is married I don’t know how much Hannah time I’ll ever have outside of the home. But being at the beach would be great!


  9. Pathy Lopez 6 months ago

    You’re beautiful

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago

      Thanks Pathy!

      Feeling it too… dressing makes me feel beautiful whether I am or not.

      You’re very kind,


  10. Natasha Femme 6 months ago

    Looking good in the swimsuit, and looks like you are enjoying it as well.

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago


      I can’t believe I actually posted this pic…. not hiding much.
      But yes, I love it!
      Thanks for the positive reinforcement!


  11. Lea 6 months ago

    Great look, nice choice of swimsuit and style.

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago

      Thanks Lea!

      I like simple and classic styles. You can’t go wrong with classic (or black).

      Enjoy your day!


  12. Rose 6 months ago


  13. Tammy Girl 6 months ago

    you look so good in that I would love to look that good in it to but im to big

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago


      I think that you can make it work with the right outfit and attitude. Do what is comfortable.



  14. Stephanie Stanek 6 months ago

    You are quite versatile with your outfits and you look beautiful. I can sense how excited you are with your lovely smile.

  15. Tina Bell 6 months ago

    Definitely ready for the beach! You would cause alot of sore necks. You look great.!

  16. Erika Smooth 6 months ago

    I should look that good in my one-piece!

    Erika πŸ™‚

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago


      I never thought i could ever pull this off. Thanks for your kind words.


  17. Sheryl Johnstone 6 months ago

    You’re beautiful, that’s no secret!

  18. Jillian M. 6 months ago

    Ok, I’m officially jealous. You look great!

  19. Jillian Simpson 6 months ago

    Sooo cute. Love it.

  20. Bianca Everdene 6 months ago

    Wow, lovely strapless swimsuit, great legs, did you put your hair up yourself?

    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago


      No one else is allowed to see me except the ladies here.

      I hope I can find a high quality wig that is easier to style because I like my hair up.

      Thanks for the compliment Bianca !


      • debbie 6 months ago

        I cant wait to wear my swimsuit now. Love one piece suits with straps though to show off my tanlines hehe. I agree Hannah that it is so elegant to wear ones hair up but so difficult with a wig. I have put my hair up in a bun and used hair pieces that clip in but need my hairstylist to do it properly. Anyways you look great girl

      • Author
        Hannah Jeanne Charlton 6 months ago

        Thanks Debbie! I was wondering what it looks like in the back. I had it relatively loose so that it falls back down a bit. I don’t think it would look too bad. I’ll note that going forward. Thanks for the tip!


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