In My Glory (ready for summer)


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  1. Giselle Reeves 2 months ago

    just lovely

  2. Maryann Johnson 5 months ago

    Your smile is incredible

  3. Silvina Delpem 5 months ago

    Beautiful! A dream!

  4. Maryann Johnson 6 months ago

    Wow babe,let’s go swimming

  5. Bernadette Monroe 6 months ago


  6. Tommie Loves 8 months ago

    Luv to see you on the Beach!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Samantha,
    I’m Jealous wish i could wear a bathing suit like that. Wow you look wonderful.


    • Author
      Hannah Jeanne Charlton 9 months ago

      Thanks Sara!

      I thank my beautiful mom for the shape my dad’s side is a rectangle!

      I’m down to 180, if I lose some more I’d like to try a conservative two-piece. We’ll see.

      Thanks for your kind words

      • Ambermaria Martinez 3 months ago

        Omg you mentioned your mother in a reply to one of the girls. Does she accept the fact that you crossdress. Mine found out when she unexpectedly came home early from work one day alls she said was finally. The day she always wanted .she loved it and just gave me big big hug and said I look so pretty.

  8. Samantha Murphy 10 months ago

    You look amazing. I hope to look half as good in my bathing suit.

  9. Clair 10 months ago

    I do love your photos. You look amazing x

  10. Leslie 1 year ago

    Great sassy photo. Love the way you put your hair up

  11. Bobbie Lopez 1 year ago

    You look gorgeous hun.

  12. Jen Davies 1 year ago

    Love your hair

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