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Fran Falcon

Like so many crossdressers, my interest in lingerie started at a very young age. It was a slow progression, beginning with sneaking around wearing my mom's lingerie and have progressed into my current persona as Fran. I struggled with my desires throughout my entire life. Along the way there were marriages and sadly divorces due to my wives not being able to cope with this and I not being able to set my desires aside. I purged more times than I can remember, but always to no avail. I joined the Marines during the Viet Nam conflict. The Marines was a means to show my manhood and hopefully to stop my female tendencies. I managed to control the urge for a couple of years, but the urged to wear lingerie was too strong to stop. My last marriage although fantastic in all aspects, was not enough to just maintain my male gender. My desires to wear lingerie and the fantasy to expand beyond just panties and occasionally bras and stocking, drove me to guilt and depression. After the divorce I chose to no longer seek the comforts and intimacies of a woman. Even though I was no longer in a relationship, I chose to also stop wearing lingerie. It had caused me so much grief and not to mention, finances that I had to contain myself and purged for what would be my final time. Four years ago, I met a woman that became my best friend and supporting companion. It did not take long for her to recognize my feminine side and began to ask questions. I confessed to my long history of crossdressing and the desire to completely transform from MTF. She gave me some of her makeup and showed me how to apply it on. She also assisted me in the purchase of my own makeup, wigs, and all other items needed to help me achieve the woman I once could only fantasize. Fran is now a very big part of my life and will come out two to four time a week. As for my female friend, she and Fran go out once a month to enjoy city life. She is still on the lookout for anything female that Fran might like, but for the most part, I have become quite adept at shopping and the art of applying makeup. I am Fran and this is my life to the end.

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    Active Member
    3 years ago

    I love it Fran. Keep up the good work.

    Julie Green
    Active Member
    3 years ago

    A classic and classy look Fran. Welcome to the Forum.
    Your story was very touching and I’m so glad that you are finding your true self and getting support.

    Denise Little
    3 years ago

    Very classic look, glad you kept on being persistent and finally found friendship.

    Jin Crocker
    Active Member
    3 years ago

    All I can say is “Wow!”

    Kiki Stone
    3 years ago

    Old Hollywood Glam Ms Fran! Love it!

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