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by joannajane

Ready for PRIDE


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    Joannab Beaumont

    I’ve been a cross dresser since a very young age, I’m now mid 70’s and I still love being my femme self. If only I had been born in this last ten years or so then I would become the girl I’ve always felt I am.

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    1. Gabriela Romani 1 month ago

      Hi Joanna!

      It’s so nice to see photos of others who look genuinely happy
      (Love the pearls!)

      • Author
        Joannab Beaumont 4 weeks ago

        Hi Gabriela,
        So sorry I haven’t replied sooner to your lovely comments. I’m a newbie to this site and I’m slowly finding my way around.

        I was really happy when the photo was taken, I was getting ready to
        Help on the Oasis stand at Norwich Pride this summer.

        Are you based in the States? I’m in the UK.
        All best wishes.
        Jo. xx

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