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by catgurl

Thought the CDH girls would enjoy seeing the sign over my right shoulder in this photo. "No Boys Allowed" it says, and it sits near the entrance to my girly girl dressing room. When we get visitors to our home, the sign makes for a very interesting conversation starter. I wore this pretty aqua-color top today, with white shorts, white sandals, and a white purse. The thrill of being accepted as a woman in public is something that I just cannot seem to get enough of. A guy who held a door open for me today even bowed a little and said, "after you ma'am." Ahh yes, one of our true southern gentlemen!


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Peggy Sue Williams

Lifelong heterosexual cross-dresser, completely out in public for the last five years. Enjoy meeting new people. Believe in lady-like public behavior, dressing appropriately for your age and the occasion. Above all, have fun being a girl. As a child and later a teenager, I did go out sometimes, fully cross dressed, but most of my girl time was spent very close to home. My parents were aware of my cross dressing and did not seem to care, because they were busy with their own social and business interests. I served in the military for several years, and my cross dressing time was very limited and limited further to only when I could get out of town. I would plan vacation trips where I could have the freedom to cross dress, without the fear of being discovered and outed. Later, in a civilian career, I had to maintain a professional male appearance, but it was much easier to cross dress on my own time and without the fear of losing a security clearance. I am no longer involved with a full-time career, so I pretty well cross dress now wherever and whenever I want to. This has been a very liberating experience for my female self, and I feel like a complete person for the first time in many years. One of my more interesting experiences in the last few years was being one of several cross dresser case studies interviewed by a student who was writing his PhD dissertation toward becoming a clinical psychologist. Both of us benefited immensely from this experience. As a result of this experience, I grew tremendously in my understanding and acceptance of my cross dressing and that of other cross dressers. Another significant experience for me was finally coming to peace with my cross dressing and my Bible-believing Christian experience. I am not religious and do not practice any religion. I am a Bible-believing Christian, and as such, it took me a long time to finally understand the relationship between cross dressing and the Holy Scriptures. For myself and many others, this is a very real and difficult subject to finally find peace with. There is one book on the market that is, IMHO, the best available for Christians who struggle with this subject. Message me, if interested, and I will supply you with the details of this superbly written Bible-based publication.

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Sally Drinkwater
Active Member
Sally Drinkwater (@oldybutgoody)
3 days ago

Lovely natural smile today Peg, it made me smile too.

Sally x

Clare Jackson
Active Member
Clare Jackson (@clarecd)
3 days ago

Love the pose and the sign. Stay safe Hugs Clare

Trusted Member
FrancesKay (@franceskay)
3 days ago

Gorgeous girl who can light up the area she occupies.

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