Just laying around thinking of you

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by brianna-rain

But who is the "you"? LOL I've been having a lot of fun over the last couple days trying on some of my sexier outfits and trying some new poses. They are definitely more risquΓ© than I'd normally share here, but a gurl has to have fun once in a while, right? πŸ˜‰


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Brianna Rain

I was 14 or 15 when I first tried on some of my sister's bras and panties, and have gone through various phases of cross dressing in private and suppressing my desires for years at a time. Now, I'm in my 40's and happily married. A few months ago, I decided to order a bra and some panties online that I could dress up in while my wife was out of town. I've since bought several bras and panties, as well as some women's clothing. As far as I know, my wife doesn't know anything about my cross dressing. It's still my secret. I don't think I'm interested in transitioning. I still consider myself a straight male, and am attracted to both cis women and trans women. I just like being in touch with my feminine side and dressing up as a girl sometimes.

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    1. Jack Straw 3 weeks ago

      Nice very nice

    2. Patty Phose 3 weeks ago

      Ewww! Sexy!

    3. Olivia Livin 3 weeks ago

      Well….thank you. We’ll put up with you having some fun as often as you like Brianna Olivia

      • Author
        Brianna Rain 3 weeks ago

        I’m glad you like this one, Olivia! I had tried to upload two others, but I don’t know if they got flagged by the moderators or if they just failed to upload due to technical difficulties – I have been having some photo problems the last couple days, as evidenced by my messed up profile pic πŸ™

        • Olivia Livin 3 weeks ago

          You’ll get it figured out. Although small, the one shown currently as your prfile pic is enticing as well. You certainly have progressed in the few months that you’ve been active.

        • Author
          Brianna Rain 2 weeks ago

          Thanks, Olivia for all the positive comments. I do feel I’ve come a long way since joining CDH a few months ago. I think I’ve gotten much better at choosing the clothes that looks best on my figure (not to mention getting better at posing πŸ˜‰ ), as well as more confident at dressing en femme and sharing with all of you gurls.

          Also, the one that’s currently shared in my profile is one that I had tried to upload previously to my public photos, but I don’t know why I couldn’t get it to work or if the moderators thought it was inappropriate. Either way, I had fun modeling that outfit and a couple other sexy ones the other day, even if most of the photos I took are for my eyes only.


    4. Stephanie Poulson 3 weeks ago

      Very very nice .

    5. Becky G 3 weeks ago

      Amazing picture s

      • Author
        Brianna Rain 2 weeks ago

        Thank you, Becky! I’m so glad that you and the other gurls here like it. I was feeling so femininely sexy while wearing this outfit and trying out somewhat sexy poses for photos.

    6. Carleigh Fields 2 weeks ago

      Such a popping hot pink! Love it! Any yes sometimes these modeling times of new outfits always do lead to some quite risqué shots.. think we can all attest to that..lol. Very sexy shot though Brianna and thanks for sharing ☺️

      • Author
        Brianna Rain 2 weeks ago

        Yes, Carleigh, it’s amazing on what wearing an outfit like this leads me to and the poses I try to do for the camera. Although I have to admit, that some of the poses end up looking more silly than sexy. LOL. And then others aren’t really appropriate for sharing here. But either way, I enjoy having my “sexy Brianna” time just as much as I enjoy my attempts to make Brianna into a woman that could go out in public. Both situations make me feel just so good and girly!

    7. Teri22 Fisher 2 weeks ago

      I think you should have fun a little more often. Great picture Brianna.

      • Author
        Brianna Rain 2 weeks ago

        Thanks, Teri. Haha… Don’t worry, Brianna finds time for fun, but not all fun is appropriate to share here at CDH. A girl’s gotta keep some secrets, right? πŸ˜‰

    8. Donni 2 weeks ago

      Wow, Brianna. Very nice picture. Lovely sexy legs.

      • Author
        Brianna Rain 2 weeks ago

        Thanks for the compliments, Donni! Just wanted to say that I really like your profile pic too. πŸ˜‰

    9. Jamie Vegas 2 weeks ago

      My what gorgeously sexy legs you have!

      • Author
        Brianna Rain 2 weeks ago

        Thank you, Jamie. I do think that my legs are one of my best assets and love to show them off.

    10. Sapphire Ribbons 2 weeks ago

      Brianna-Rain, such a lovely name for a lovey girl. I love this sexy femme pic. And love your sexy legs!

      • Author
        Brianna Rain 2 weeks ago

        Thanks, Sapphire. I’m glad that you like the pic, my legs, and my name too! πŸ˜‰ I actually really like this pic too and keep finding myself looking at this photo and thinking “Wow, this girl looks so hot!”. And then I remember that girl is ME! haha.

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