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by red-sorceress

I like pink


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    Edie Majeski

    I'm an older transvestite, crossdressing for as long as I can remember. The older grew, the more feminine my appearance became. Today, even though I'm no longer young, I do what I can to give myself a younger, feminine appearance. Of course, there is only so much you can do.

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    1. Shelby Johnson 6 months ago

      You are looking sexy in that pink dress. You are mature and pretty looking.

    2. Rozalyne Richards 6 months ago

      Wow Edie you look fabulous hun x

    3. Stephanie Bass 6 months ago

      Gorgeous Edie

    4. Patty Phose 6 months ago

      You look great

    5. Jose lima 6 months ago

      You look very gorgeous. Older and wiser and more sexy. Keep sharing your picks because I love seeing your pictures.

    6. ALLEN BIRD 6 months ago

      So Sexy ,,, and Stunning !!!!!!!!! love mature gurls ,,,

    7. Erica Cartman 6 months ago

      Pretty in PINK!

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