Life isn’t black and white…

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by claire-bear
in's a million grey areas.


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    Claire Bear

    I love to dress and feel feminine. Not in public as I'm not ready for that yet! I've gone years without cross dressing but have always found myself returning to it, I've tried to kick the habit but I'm now realising it's a part of me that I need to be comfortable with and see where it leads me. It makes me feel sexy, beautiful and above all its fun. Love to you all. Claire x

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    1. Bianca Everdene 1 week ago

      A million beautifully put together shades of grey ❤️

    2. Isaiana Cota 1 week ago

      Beautiful Claire.Saludos Isaiana!!!

    3. magicmelly 1 week ago

      very sexy…you are looking beautiful…

    4. ANDREA RAVEN 1 week ago

      Claire, another lovely photo, I love the dress it suits you very well, and you’ve shown us your lovely face so thank you!

    5. Leesha 2 weeks ago

      Well you keep on showing us how damn beautiful you are… you look absolutely fantastic in that number, very stylish and elegant, very much a beautiful woman.
      Leesha xx

    6. Erica Cartman 2 weeks ago

      Claire you are so stylish in that dress…I love it Honey! Hey I haven’t heard from you in a while…whats up? Hugs Erica

    7. Michelle Liefde 2 weeks ago

      Claire, looking beautiful girl! Love the dress, looks great on you!

    8. Jack Straw 2 weeks ago

      You look simple marvelous

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