1. Paula Ann Wilson 2 years ago

    You look absolutely amazing. I will be honest.. if I looked like you, I would live as a women… I have said in the past that I have no desire to be a women, but if I could easily change genders I would.

    Paula Ann

  2. Donna Smith 2 years ago

    What a cute virgin you make…lovely in white

  3. Catie Maye 2 years ago

    Wow….you have just the most fantastic figure…..soooooo jealous : ) x

  4. Patty Phose 2 years ago

    Amazing body. What a beauty you are.

  5. Melissa 2 years ago


  6. Tracey Connolly 1 year ago

    Wow!!!!! OMG

  7. Hollyh 1 year ago

    Looking hot girl hollyh

  8. Aaryn P 1 year ago


  9. VickieJ 1 year ago

    You look amazing Jenny

  10. Michelle 1 year ago

    Wow !!!!

  11. Janine 1 year ago

    You look radiant. You look more like a woman then some women do .
    I’m totally jealous

  12. jazmine 1 year ago

    You are not a virgin you are a angel

  13. BobbieGurl 1 year ago

    Very nice Hun..

  14. Caroline 1 year ago

    You are gorgeous girl!

  15. abbiee swan 1 year ago

    i love this photo xx

  16. Lea 1 year ago


  17. Rochelle 1 year ago

    You my dear are absolutely gorgeous.

  18. Kandy Barr 1 year ago

    What a lovely lady.So many women wish they looked that good.

  19. Lisa Thomas 1 year ago

    You make me want to quit!! Lol, Just kidding, you are lovely!

  20. Joanne Johnson 1 year ago

    So beautiful and sexy too

  21. Laura 1 year ago

    I’m totally jealous – you look amazing!

  22. Tiatianni 1 year ago


  23. Diana White 1 year ago

    Fabulous !!!!

  24. Ellen Walker 1 year ago

    You got it girl! Amazing! πŸ™‚

  25. stacey s 1 year ago

    Wow wish I looked That Great !

  26. Jessica 12 months ago

    What a pretty dress!!

  27. Sunseearry 12 months ago

    You look stunning….!! It is a big WOW

  28. Adria 12 months ago

    Nice effort, looking good

  29. stella love 11 months ago

    wow babe you are stunning

  30. NAthis 11 months ago

    You are so SEXY….Love your dress and glasses……

  31. Jacinta Hart 9 months ago

    Honey you look superb!

  32. Thomas noonan 9 months ago

    You are beautiful

  33. vicky s 9 months ago

    Hot and sexy πŸ™‚ love to fill out a dress like you!

  34. Jamies time 9 months ago


  35. Lisbeth Lacy 9 months ago

    Beautiful and may I say sexy dress. The dress fits your figure perfectly. Lovely hair & makeup.

  36. Tiffany Williamson 9 months ago

    Lovely dress and you look very pretty Jenny

  37. Holly 9 months ago

    You are very pretty

  38. Antonia Franchese 8 months ago

    You’re gorgeous!

  39. Sofie CeeDee 8 months ago

    You look amazing! Perfect make up and hair

  40. Patti Parker 8 months ago

    So hot

  41. Jasmine 8 months ago

    U are a angel

  42. Tanya Westwood 8 months ago


  43. Katie Lees 7 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous. Wish I looked half as beautiful x

  44. Martha Lou 7 months ago

    You are absolutely gorgeous. Oh my!

  45. Kymi Crocker 7 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful

  46. Natasha 7 months ago

    another gorgeous lady

  47. Marisol Villarreal 7 months ago

    Very pretty woman

  48. Mark Stephenson 7 months ago

    Would love to get naked next to you x

    • Rochelle 7 months ago

      That is uncalled for, in my opinion.

  49. Leonara 7 months ago

    Well done Jenny, beautiful eyes thanks for sharing

  50. Vanessa 7 months ago

    You look outstanding and the dress is outstanding. Very nice package.

  51. shonda 7 months ago

    very pretty woman love the dress

  52. Roma 7 months ago

    Hi this is a very sexy look, very elegant.

  53. Paul Hobbs 7 months ago

    Absolutely stunning

  54. Shanda Courtisan 7 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful

  55. Tracy Lyn Stephens 7 months ago

    i agree with Paul absolutely stunning

  56. sache donalds 7 months ago

    Gorgeous gal

  57. Vera jane 7 months ago

    Mesmerizing…… you have the looks and poise of a beautiful woman….

  58. Mary Loveheart Ireland 6 months ago

    Stunning gorgeous. A angel from heven.

  59. Smokey Rice 6 months ago

    Ur hot baby..

  60. Romina D 6 months ago

    you are elegance encapsulated xx

  61. Darlene Edwards 6 months ago

    Wow, you look amazing!

  62. Sarah S 5 months ago

    Yes!!!! Well done!!!

  63. Sarah S 5 months ago

    Love that dress Jenny. I want!


  64. Kascha Mizoola 5 months ago

    Very nice.

  65. Josselyn 5 months ago

    You look gorgeous and very sexy love that dress. I wish I looked that good.

  66. Lanna Barton 5 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful. It’s the perfect look!!!!

  67. Jamies time 5 months ago

    You are a very sexy lady

  68. Gina Angelo 5 months ago

    I love your look. Do you mind sharing where you find your dresses? They are beautiful and so stylish.

  69. BillieJo55 Smith 5 months ago

    Fantastic look, love the glasses & the dress. Very sexy.

  70. Dreena 5 months ago

    Great look, love the dress.

  71. Antonia D 5 months ago

    Stunning! X

  72. Brynlee Valore 5 months ago

    Very sexy Jenny! I’d date you… You are a queen darling!

  73. Amee Trans 5 months ago

    Very beautiful!

  74. Genivieve Bujold 5 months ago

    Angelic Jenny!

  75. Shannon Fox 4 months ago

    You look amazing Jenny.

  76. Sahi saheli 4 months ago

    Most beautiful and gorgeous in looks ,feel like meeting and touching ,hugging this doll.

  77. Jennifer Ladd 4 months ago

    Gorgeous dress on a gorgeous girl!

  78. Vikki9 Blue 4 months ago

    Pretty Lady!

  79. Marc 4 months ago

    best looking woman ever

  80. Jenna Salgo 4 months ago

    You look amazing, and I love the dress.

  81. Abby Lauren 4 months ago

    Love this pic and this dress.

  82. Stephanie Ceedee 4 months ago

    What a great pic

  83. Lea 4 months ago

    Cute ruffles!

  84. Deedee Delano 4 months ago

    Gret shot, pretty pose and dress

  85. rhonda Shaw 3 months ago

    Boy you look FAB! I’ll never look that good!
    But I still love playing dress-up!

  86. Jennifer Ladd 3 months ago

    You are drop-dead gorgeous!

  87. Marisol Villarreal 3 months ago

    Love this pic. So beautiful

  88. Sarajane Potter 3 months ago

    Jenny Sanders – you are dauntingly beautiful…!

  89. Tina lovely 3 months ago

    so beautiful…..

  90. carrie lynn rafalski 2 months ago

    You are absolutely gorgeous

  91. Holly Ann 2 months ago

    I love your pic, I am about to go and apply for a job as a woman and they know all about me crossdressing I have already told them and will be in housekeeping at a local motel.

  92. Mirela Moura 2 months ago

    I am just in love with you and your pictures!!!!

  93. Scott 2 months ago

    Wow.!!! Beautiful

  94. Jenny……….they say a picture is worth a thousand words…………..your picture is worth far more!

    Happy to make your aquaintence.

    Lady Veronica

  95. Ivonne 2 months ago


  96. petralacy Simon 2 months ago


  97. Teresa Reynolds 2 months ago

    Wish I did this when I was a very young person I would be happy you’re a queen for sure but after age of over the years we try the best we can to perform and look the best we can but your beauty is very beautiful I do say

  98. Athena Smith 2 months ago

    Beautiful just beautiful Wish I was much younger and could do this

  99. Athena Smith 2 months ago

    Beautiful just beautiful

  100. Casandra Crisp 1 month ago

    Your stunningly beautiful very sexy

  101. Clair 4 weeks ago

    Stunning. X

  102. Alice Fiona 3 weeks ago

    Amazing look

  103. Samantha Murphy 3 weeks ago

    You look stunning and I want that dress!!

  104. Taryn Amber Brug 3 weeks ago

    Sam, you are truly a lovely gurl! Sooooo jealous of your femme beauty. Xoxox Taryn Amber

  105. Trina 3 weeks ago

    That dress!!!!!!!! Sooo hot!!

  106. Steffany Harman 3 weeks ago

    Such beauty.

  107. franceen Delgado 2 weeks ago

    wow! she is stunning .I want to be that attractive,

  108. Arlene Monroe 2 weeks ago

    AGREED! You are a GORGEOUS young woman. Love the glasses too. I hope you get to enjoy the whole of your life living openly as woman as much as possible.

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