Little Black Dress

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by julie-slowinski

Every girl's gotta have a lbd. Took years of searching, but I finally found this little number by "Sam Edelmam" at 6pm. It's actually sequence, but not very reflective. Shoes are "Call it Spring" from Macy's.


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    Julie Slowinski

    Been dressing at home for many years, but recently went out for the first time (see evolution question below for details). Went solo that time, but would like to make new friends to meetup with for the next outing. Hoping to meet like-minded CD's in my area and elsewhere - we never know where our travels will take us and what opportunities will arise.

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    1. Christine V 2 weeks ago

      You look beautiful!

    2. sharon jackson 2 weeks ago

      one hot lady in that dress

    3. Katrina Porter 3 weeks ago

      Hi Julie
      I just had a look at your pics.
      All I can do is pick my jaw up off the floor and say WOW .
      Awsome Lady

    4. Tracii Greene 1 month ago

      Such cute pics
      You are smokin’ !!

    5. Janet Ellis 1 month ago

      I agree Girlfriend.We all need a LBD. I love mine and feel so sensual in it. Being and feeling like a woman is such a pleasure for me. I love it ! Janet

    6. Christine V 1 month ago

      You rock that little black dress!

    7. Amanda Lyons 1 month ago

      Nice pins

    8. Kathy 1 month ago

      Beautiful dress and shoes

    9. joanne 1 month ago

      you look super sexy in the dress and heels.

    10. Jaime Oliveros 1 month ago

      Wow you are sexy and congrata on going out ❤

    11. Christie Deville 2 months ago

      luv the dress, and you look stunning wearing it!

    12. Christine V 3 months ago

      Youre very pretty, I love the outfits you wear!

    13. Joanna Knight 3 months ago

      I wish I looked as good as you do!!

    14. Terri Johnson 3 months ago

      Julie — whether it is these photos or those you have on other sites where we are friends, you always have such a lovely and feminine look!

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