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  1. Tina England 2 weeks ago

    You look very nice, And very happy with yourself.

  2. Pauline Yllonnoc 2 weeks ago

    Wow! Simply gorgeous xx

  3. Melinda 4 weeks ago

    Wow love your dress beatyful nice style you look pretty so jealous pretty

  4. Barbara Anderson 1 month ago

    Very pretty! I’m jealous.

  5. Romina D 1 month ago

    you look very natural and feminine xx

  6. Melanie B 1 month ago

    Liv. Girl, You are beautiful.

  7. Brittany Brooks 1 month ago

    A b

  8. Ashley Wilson 1 month ago

    HI Liv, I just saw you on chat, so I looked at your profile. What great pictures…especially love the “outdoors in the new look”. Beautiful!

  9. Mysti 1 month ago

    Very lovely. Especially how your dress matches the flowers!

  10. Alaina Zast 2 months ago

    You look great! You give me encouragement to continue, because you show me that it is possible to be a “woman” and be passable!


  11. Tracy Lyn Stephens 2 months ago

    wonderful look loving your make up

  12. Hannah Jeanne Charlton 2 months ago

    Liv do you have an other shots from this session?

    • Author
      Liv 2 months ago

      Hannah, I have more photos in my media gallery. Hugs, Liv

  13. Zoe Kourtinatou 2 months ago

    Dayum gurl! You look fantastic! Please tell me you went out for coffee looking this hawt!

  14. Brittany Brooks 2 months ago

    Liv, you are simply STUNNING!! I am just discovering this wonderful and exciting new world, and I hope I can look a tenth as good as you do!! You greatly encourage me!! Hugs!!!

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